New Author..

8 05 2009

Hey everyone its me ron well i would like to thank soccer for allowing me to work on this amazing site i will try to post as much as possible.oh and i am in phrase 6.


~Ambassador 7 ronaldo27

Awesome Planet Cazmo Updates

28 03 2009

Hey Cazmos, Soccer here. Planet Cazmo updated today.


First, When you log in, you will see two new things.

The Strip is Now Called Cruzitron City, which has the strip and the new cazmo race track inside of it.

The Whats New Menu now has the race track on it too.





The Race Track and Strip:



The  Cazmo Race Track:



Next, the cazmo news paper has been updated.

It shows that there are new clothes at the Clothing Shop and Hair / Hat Shop.

There is also a new cazmo car that you can buy with cazmo coins.




New Cazmo Car:



And Finally,

Now you can see which cazmo moderator you are most like by taking a quick quiz.

You can get to the quiz by clicking latest news in the newspaper, and clicking where it says take the mod quiz.

You also earn 3 coins.




Cazmo Mod Quiz:



Also, there are new clothes in the clothing shop and hair shop that I drew a square around in the newspaper picture above.


Thats all for the Planet Cazmo Updates.

If There’s anything I forgot, please let me know.

Comment how you liked the updates!


And Don’t forget to:

See my planet cazmo puzzles page,


and Visit my friend’s site,



-Ambassador Soccer





Planet Cazmo Updates

24 01 2009

Hey Cazmos. The Updates are here. There are new clothes, there is now an ambassadors house link in the houses menu but it doesn’t work right, there is now a character outside the petshop, and the new house items are coming soon!

New Planet Cazmo Clothes For Members And Non-Members




Planet Cazmo Amassador Houses Icon is Now in The Houses Menu!

( Except it’s very glitchy and shows moderators instead of Ambassadors)




New Non Playing Charater, (NPC) at The Pet Shop.

All He Does Right Now is Give you a yougert crisp which might help with the newest quest.

( His Name is Corbis)


Those are the updates. Coming Soon Are New House Items and Pets.


In Other News,

This was a REALLY QUICK UPDATE! Probably one of the quickets Yet! I hope there’s more like this in the future.

Feel Free To Leave A Comment Below. I should be here or a little longer. If i don’t reply i’m on planet cazmo or off to soccer practice.


Soccer (Owner of This Site)




Planet Cazmo News

24 01 2009


Hey Cazmos. Soccer, The Owner of the site here. I just wanted to let you know planet cazmo is going to update any minute. The Pets are probably coming next week, but in this update there will be new clothes and maybe new house items.

New Planet Cazmo House Items 



New Planet Cazmo Pets Coming Soon!



Planet Cazmo Pets 2



So thats it for now. I’ll post when the updates come. If you want to chat, comment on this post and I should reply to you. If I don’t, i’m either in planet cazmo, or doing other things.





Planet Cazmo Fails

20 01 2009

Hey Cazmos. I’m making a new page about “planet cazmo fails” If You know what I’m talking about, read on, but if you don’t, please visit


I’m searching for the best funny pictures about planet cazmo. Some of the fails will be my own pictures, some will be other peoples, and some will be from the fail blog, edited with planet cazmo things. The ones that are not mine, I will give credit to the creator. I’ve had alot of fun making them. I hope you enjoy them.





Credit to






These are just some of the many fails i’ll be making 🙂


DO you like making funny pictures or fails?

Wanna Help?

Then Comment Below!


Finally, I might make a blog about them. It’s time for a poll!

What should the blog be called?





Tell Me What You Think!



( Owner of Planet Cazmo Cheats Dot Net


2 01 2009

Hey Cazmos.

I have been on vaction  the last week. Sorry I forgot to post that I was going to be gone, but it was christmas and Idid not want to go on the computer. Anyway, i’m back and and i’m going start posting again.

I know i’ve missed alot, so if any of you want to tell me what has happened then go ahead and comment. I probably won’t be on planet cazmo today.


~Soccer, Owner of this Site~


70,000 Hits

4 12 2008

Hey Cazmos. We Reached 70,000 hits. I know I was supposed to do a 50-60k hits party, but I ended up being very busy. This weekend, I have a Soccer tournament all weekend, so I won’t be able to have the late, late party. Sorry everyone. But next weekend, looks really good. Sorry I don’t get on planet cazmo very much. I’m alot busier since it’s not the summer anymore. I’ll try to get on 3-4 days a week from now on. If I’cant, well, it means i’m extremly busy.

P.S Like the christams theme. I may keep messing with it a little.

P.SS Please see the post below about a new forum.





Breaking Planet Cazmo News

3 12 2008

Hey guys. Just a little while ago I was able to recieve a sneak peek of the Natasha Bedding Field Concert. I will also put it on the sidebar. The Concert starts December 6th 2:00 PM EST on Planet Cazmo . Show will play every hour on the hour until 9:00 PM.

              ~Ambassador Soccer~

Planet Cazmo Pet Shop

29 11 2008

Hey Cazmos. Here’s what the pet shop will look like.

Cazmo Pet Shop

The pets will be for cazmo cash.



New Poll: Should we have a Party and Contest for 50,000 hits?

26 11 2008

Hey cazmos. As you know, we have reach 50,000 hits, acctually alot past it now LOL. Anyway, I was planning to do a contest for 50,000, but Since were so close to 60,000 why not make it 60,000?

Well choose when you want to have it. I’m also going to try to have a CAZMO CASH CONTEST SPONSERED BY PLANET CAZMO. If they will sponser it, I will definately do it!


Ambasador Soccer