Halloween Updates!

17 10 2009

There’s a New Quest on Planet Cazmo! The “Halloween Quest” is located at the Body Shop. To start, Just talk to Eegor.
New Quest

New Costumes at the “Costumes” Shop! They got lots of New Costumes, Including a Vampire Costume, Witch Costumes, Etc… Remember, Some Costumes are only for Members, some are only for Cazmo Cash, and a Few of Them are for Non-Members.

New Costumes

There’s 3 New Games on Planet Cazmo! But, You can’t win any coins on them.
New Games

When you open up your CazBook, And go to your Awards, You will notice that new Awards have been Added.

Also, There’s a New Pumpkin Hat at the Hair Shop. Sadly, It’s only for Cazmo Cash.
Pumpkin Hat

Did I mentioned that you can now Throw Pumpkins at others?
Throw Pumpkin

Coming Soon!

16 06 2009

Coming Soon, to a Cazmo Near You!Brand New SurfBoards, and Jet Packs! Can’t wait! Happy Summer! And don’t forgot to play Planet Cazmo.

New Music Video!

11 06 2009

Hey Guys, I made a New Music Video with the Song “If Today Was Your Last Day.” I hope you like it, I worked Really Hard on it, and I also did my best.


-Thanks, AeJesz.

My Own Personal Site

6 06 2009

Hey Guys, AeJesz Here…

And I wanted to tell you about my site. I made my own personal blog/site like a week ago… or two. Is about Random Things, One day I write about YouTube, and the next day I write about a Famous Singer, lol.

So yeah, My site is : http://IJesusl.wordpress.com or http://IJesusl.tk.

Cazmo Idol!

31 05 2009

Sign Ups, Coming Soon!


On the First Round, There is going to be only 7 Contestants, and only 5 are going to the 2 Round. Out of those 5, only 3 are going to the 3 Round. And when that day comes, there is going to be only 1 Winner, of… Cazmo Idol!

To start the 1 Round, There must be 7 Comments, with 7 Different Videos.


No. 1: No Innappropiate Songs.
No. 2: Your Cazmo Must Have at Least 1 Music Video on YouTube, To Enter.
No. 3: You Have to Make a Totally New Music Video. (Can’t Use Videos You Already Have)
No. 4: No Bad Comments.
No. 5: Must Comment With Your Video URL, Cazmo Name, and Site.


The Winner will be an Author here on our Site, and will also win… 100 Cazmo Cash!


Driver’s License!

30 05 2009

Everybody in Planet Cazmo that has a Car, Now has a Brand New Driver’s Lisence on their CazBook. To see it, Just click on your Cazmo, then on My CazBook, and last on Caz ID’s! On your lisence, you will see your Name and your Lisence #:


New Author!

13 05 2009

AeJeszHey Guys, AeJesz! Here. And I will be working on Soccer’s Site as an Author! And just to let you know, I also have a Site. PlanetPCCazmo

And Here’s my:

YouTube: JesusAeBoy

Twitter: Jeszuz

Well, Cya on Planet Cazmo. (And, Thanks For Adding Me Soccer, You rock! xD