Me and Souleo planned a Planet Cazmo party!

11 08 2009

Hey cazmos!!! Im VERY excited today!!! Souleo was on and he added a bunch of people!! And we had a little conversation over txt!


~Neeko~ Hey Souleo, I kno u dont kno me or anything and Im just 13 yrs old but I hope we can be good frendz


His response:










~Neeko~ Lolz a lot of famous people say that to everyone but ill take it say, what if I planned you a Planet Cazmo party? do u think u would come?


His response:

souleo 2









~Neeko~ Thats great! You gimme the details for our party and ill spread the word about it! Btw Are u coming to the Jessie James concert? Shes HOT


His response:

souleo 3












So these are the details for our party!!!

Date: August 28th

Time: 6:00-7:00 Planet Cazmo time It will start at 6:oo PC time but he might be late

where: Club Cazmo

server: Beatstreet

Why: For Souleo of course!


Also I need a favor, Can someone take pics and videos cuz I cant take pics anymore or videos and soleo wants pics and vids Lmao ill also give u guys credit thx!!



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Awlsum updates!

6 08 2009

Hey cazmos! Check out these SWEET updates for Thursday!

First let me start off wit the message that comes out while its loading

09 2










That rool is kinda obvious lolz—^ but there r loads of new players so ya..

There are new clothes in the “Hot Deals” section of the newspaper! sadly those items are for cc and members only :cry:









There are brand new hair items also!

09 3















And Jeff and Torgo posters!!







09 6






















Those updates werent that bad..lolz but Pc is adding too many cc and member items and I just lost my membership a while back and I only have 2 cc lolz




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Super cool updates! (And info on my cc contest!)

30 07 2009

Hey cazmos! There are some sweet updates today! Well 1st of all there are new clothes!

New Clothes


Oh and there new hair items!

New Clothes


There is also a SWEET mod gift (I didnt get the last mod gift)

Mod Gift


Oh and if u buy cc in August and September u will be elegible to win…(drumroll)….A NINTENDO WII! how great is Pc?


One more thing, Jordin Sparks house is now on Star Houses!


Lolz well those are all of the updates! Oh wait, I forgot there are a LOT of new eyes! My favorite are the cat-looking eyes! wat about yours? I might be having a poll on changing my cazmo look but thats later on when I beg to my parents for cc on august or september ;)



3:00 P.M EST or Planet Cazmo Time

2:00 P.M. CST

1:00 P.M. MST

and 12:00 P.M. WST <==I think its WST?




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PS credit to Jimbercane and Beta Omer for using their pics

PS credit to Beta Omer and Jimbercane for using their pics

Virtual Chat Games Olympics!

29 07 2009

Hey cazmos! Im am having a cc contest on my chat!!!! Its gonna be sooo much fun! there will be games like guess that cazmo, and hide ‘n’ seek! It will be really kool! Oh ya, and its TODAY! It will start at 3:00 EST or Planet Cazmo Time! Be there and u could be elegible for 30 cc!!! It will be a lot of fun!



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A new CP site!

20 07 2009

Hey cazmos! I kno we are not CP people but we’re rly doing this to get more hits and popularity so me RCD and Soccer are starting a CP site called the Club Penguin Triples! heres the link it needs viewers so plz comment and view the site! its currently under construction though so it dosent look so nice. thx XD



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Kool updates…sorta..

18 07 2009

Hey cazmos! There are some rly awesome updates!!!! First, the Solja Boy clothes FINALLY came out after like, weeks of waiting lolz! Also some new Mimo items (BLECHHH)



The Mimo items are kind of a ripoff…50 cc for a surfboard!? lolz anyways the font on the cazbook has changed


There is also a new Non-playing character in the cazrox cafe!!


Lolz sry for posting late I was kinda busy yesterday

 P.S. I borrowed these pics from Jimbercane since Im using a different computer (



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Soulja Boy Concert, Jordin Sparks, and new membership stuffz!

17 07 2009

Hey cazmos! I just received the newsletter from Planet Cazmo and there are really awesome things coming to Planet Cazmo!!!

First, as all of you know,  Soulja Boy is gonna perform tonight!







If u miss tonight’s concert dont worry about it cuz he’s gonna perform on saturday also! WOOOHOOO!


Oh and also, Jordin Sparks is coming NEXT WEEKEND!






Lastly, there is something new to the whole membership thing! If you get a 6 month membership, you get a free, rare, single engine, jetpack! AWESOME! And if you get a 12 month membership you receive the EXTREMELY rare Kau-kau bear!







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8 07 2009

Hey Cazmos! There were some pretty cool updates today and Im gonna start off with the new login screen!!! Here’s a picture of it!

09 5













It looks pretty cool! And there’s also a Brand new Jetpack!!!

09 6












It’s sorta pricey but oh well. And there are 2 brand new member surfboards!

09 8








09 7










And there are also 2 brand new Cazmo Cash surfboards!!

09 9









09 10









Hmmm….I wonder why PC is starting to update on other days of the week. I think it’s cool that PC surprises us with awesome updates on the last day of the week…



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There’s gonna be some updates!!!

8 07 2009

Hey Cazmos! I was on Planet Cazmo’s Twitter and look at one of their tweets!

New Jetpacks, New Surfboard, and WHA!?!? NEW LOGIN SCREEN!?!?

wow I wonder how the new login screen looks like…


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Hey Cazmos!

6 07 2009

Hey Cazmos! It’s me PCAP Neeko 24! Im now a worker on Soccer’s koolio site!!! lolz so ya….Im gonna…be..making posts….and stuff…Ummm…Im never good at finishing things like this….Ummmm…this is kinda awkward…? :/



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