I’m back and better then ever!

12 12 2009

Hey guys, daballer here! Sorry I was on a break but now I’m back! Have you ever wanted to go on Planet Cazmo with a click? Well, now you can! Click right here!

You can also vist my site if you click right here!

-daballer PCAP #31


2 05 2009

Hey guys! daballe4 here and I have something to tell you all! If you click on this link, you will be sent to a web page for Planet Cazmo. This is special because with this, you can go see Ciara on May 2 2009. Click here now to vist!


-daballer PCAP #31


15 02 2009

hey guys! Im having a party for all the cazmos on feb. 21 2009. Its at the top right corner of the beach and its going to be great! tell everyone

-daballer PCAP #31 (the time is 10 AM PST (pacific) )

My ambassador hat came today

23 10 2008

Visit http://www.planetcazmoman.com!   P.S ( read soccers post below on new homes!)


21 10 2008

hey guys! I got my email from cheif yesterday (checked it right now) and it said that I was in! WOOT!  I’ll let you see the seal when it comes! Go to my site to see it! http://www.planetcazmoman.wordpress.com and congrats to Jim!

-daballer PCAP ???


15 10 2008

Hey guys! sorry for that break from PC but im still here! tell all your friends that im here and to vist my site at http://www.planetcazmoman.wordpress.com and ill update every weekend and make a big post about what happened in that week!


Join the PCPP!

28 08 2008

Hey cazmos! I have made a site not for the purpose of news, it was created for cazmos that want to help Planet Cazmo!   http://www.pcpp.wordpress.com

My plan: to have many Planet Cazmo sites that like to improve Planet Cazmo in anything to come join me for the ultimate plan. For example, I want to get the PcPeace owners and other owners of projects to make PC a better overall place at once!

Rules: No bad words! ( you want to keep PC safe

Try your best!

Get new people! ( tell people about planet cazmo and help new people that come)

Be nice!


You dont need anything to join! I will also make you a badge to put on your site! For each project that joins, get it’s own page to describe what there project is. THAT DOESNT GIVE ME THE POWER TO OWN YOUR PROJECT!


New worker!

24 08 2008

Hey guys! I work on Soccers site now! My name is Daballer and my site is http://www.planetcazmoman.wordpress.com! Vist!



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