Planet Cazmo Pictures

Planet Cazmo Pictures

Planet Cazmo pictures we have collected:


Cool Pictures

Funny Pictures

Old Pictures

Party Pictures




Planet Cazmo V2.0! I found this, but they deleted the link.

More “Cool” pics coming soon!



Planet Cazmo Beta/OLD  Pictures 



The old clun had tvs!!!! and you could say numbers and symbols. In the first few weeks of pc you could say cuss / swear words!!!!!

In this time of pc, there were only like 3 people on a day, me halogirl and one other cazmo. This was when the ninja suit first came out.

This was pc in November 2007 a few days after it came out.








. Beta Party mems and pics

Me getting the beta hat, I think in February or January.

People in the townsquare during the beta party.

Along time ago during the beta party at the theatre, when many people were not playing.

The newspaper during the party


My 1,000 hits party for my new blog.



Funny Pictures

More of my old funny pics and new ones coming soon!

  See pic below.


Can menus talk?…………


Man….. That alien is “so” ugly.


That burgers nothing campared to the burgers i’ve seen!


Stupid machine! Grrrr !

An alien has to go when an alien has to go.

 What? I can be a better dj than that thing. That dj is a worthless overcooked piece of pie.

Y r u telling me that? Good FOR YOU! Stupid wolf!


Turn down the music Gosh!!!!!!





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6 06 2009
ali baby

i love planet cazmo

26 06 2009

hi soccer

2 08 2009
Someone u dont know

Soccer: Hi Admin
hey u dont know me soccer

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