Planet Cazmo Surf Boards & Beta Badges

25 06 2009

Hey Cazmos, Today surf boards,beta badges and a new newspaper came out today check it out

beach shop surf boards

surths boards

me on surf board

beta badge

christina deba

count down

What Do You Think?

~Ambassador 7 ronaldo27

Planet Cazmo: Upcoming Events!

4 06 2009

Hey Cazmos, Soccer here.

There’s lots of stuff coming up in Planet Cazmo.


Kristinia Debarge coming to Cazmo …. June 27!!!!!

David Archuleta will be performing sometime soon!



Cazmo Beach Party ALL WEEKEND Long ….


Other Stuff:

Swim Suits




Beach Shop


Underwater World









New Shoes


Also, you will be able to earn cazmo cash for free by taking surveys!


And Much, Much More!


In other news: I will be going on vation for a week, and will have limited time to be on the computer.

I will probably not be able to attend the beach party this weekend.

During this week I need my authors to post because I most likely wont be able to.



Ambassador Soccer



I think Some One has Hacked Me!

19 05 2009

Hey Guys, Soccer here.

Some one I think has gotten into my account!

Sound Familiar?


So far, they haven’t done much, except comment 15o times on

I know it wasn’t me, because I have not gone to that site in a while.

Also, half the comments were made May 17th, and I never logged in that day!


So beware and be on the lookout for hackers. Check your accounts everyday. Update your passwords often and make them challenging.


I was just checking my account before I finished some homework, so I was lucky to catch this.

Also, I work on that site, and I checked the Ip address and it’s not mine!



-Ambassador Soccer


New Author..

8 05 2009

Hey everyone its me ron well i would like to thank soccer for allowing me to work on this amazing site i will try to post as much as possible.oh and i am in phrase 6.


~Ambassador 7 ronaldo27

Planet Cazmo Earth Day Cheats

21 04 2009

Hey Cazmos. Soccer here.

Earth Day has come to planet cazmo.

First, There’s a new newspaper with Earth Day Things in It!



Next, you can buy a new tree for earth day for your yard, and part of your purchase goes to the Arbor Day Foundation!


Third, if you pick up trash around planet cazmo, you earn a few coins!

Here are two locations:





Finally, here are what some of the decorations look like!



Thats all for now!

I’ll keep you updated on upcoming cazmo concerts, rooms, parties, and more!



-Ambassador Soccer

New Site Updates

21 04 2009

Hey Cazmos, Soccer here.

I’m starting to like this new theme, connections, now.

Some changes I made are:

I added a space background on the left and right side.

I reorganized alot of the pages.

I made a new page called PLANET CAZMO TALK.


Please make sure you visit the planet cazmo talk page.

Just comment on that page, and I, or anyone else that sees it will reply back.

You may also ask questions and stuff there also.

CLICK HERE   to visit the page


What i’m going to work on next is: updating pages, deleting old pages, and adding better new pages.

If you want me to add any thing at all, like new pages, new things, comment on this post or on the planet cazmo talk page.




-Ambassador Soccer


Back and working on New Design

18 04 2009

SOCCER’S EDIT: I am currently updating pages. Also, I tryed a bunch of different themes, but none of them seemed to look good. It’s either this theme, connections, freshy, the old theme, or 2 others. It’s hard to decide!

Hey Cazmos, Soccer here.

I’m back from vacation, and I had a great time.


Anyway, like I said before I went away, I was going to work on a*NEW* Design.

For now, I’m trying Connections because it is fairly organized and the pages are pretty easy to find. 

I am working on trying a few other themes, but until then this is the best.



-Ambassador Soccer

Time For a New Site Look?

4 04 2009

SOCCER’S EDIT: Looks Like I’m going to make a new

site look!  What to do?????

Hey Cazmos, Soccer here.

Do you think it’s time for a new look / theme for this site?

Even though I do like the current one, I think I need to change it to something else.



Thanks So Much for voting. I just think this site needs a great new look!


If you want to comment your answer also, feel free to.


-Ambassador Soccer


Planet Cazmo Update Cheats

4 04 2009

Hey Cazmos, Soccer here.

The Updates came.

First of all, there’s a new planet cazmo newspaper



There’s now a new planet cazmo quiz game called Vote-O-Rama.

When I took it, I got “would you rather questions.”

I though some of them were really clever.


1. Answer the 5 questions.

2. Pick a percentage that you is closet to the real amount of people that picked an answer.








The Questions I were about to sumbit, but it messed up and logged me out 😦  It must be a glitch.






As the cazmo newspaper says, the Cazmo NBA Gear is coming next week.

The Gear Includes:



and More!

Thats all I found.

More things coming out in Planet Cazmo Next Friday!


Comment your favorite questions in the quiz,

and any questions you think would be good for the quiz!



Ambassador Soccer

This Week on Planet Cazmo

3 04 2009

EDIT: Like Jim said below, Planet Cazmo is Upgrading!

Hey Cazmos, Soccer here.

This week on planet cazmo,

NBA gear from your favorite team for your cazmo and your cazmo house will be available.

Cool items Like:



and More!


Also a new cazmo quiz will be come out next week as well.


I can’t way for the New Jerseys. I like basketball almost has much Soccer 🙂


Comment who your favorite NBA Teams are


What items might be available!


-Ambassador Soccer