24 01 2010

Hello cazmos!

I am going to create a cazmo graphic site! You may be wondering what PCGC stands for. Well… Planet Cazmo Graphic Center! I will need willing cazmo helpers to take part in this new blog for loads of graphics! There will be a graphic maker of the week and many awards for great graphics! Also, at the end of the year, there will be awards for the best header of the year and best buttons ect. You dont want to miss out on this opportunity of being a… PlanetCazmoGraphicMaker!!! All you need to do to get in is comment on this post saying what type of graphic you want to make! If there is no room left, I will have to say no to that job however I will concider letting you do another job!!!

I hope this will be a massive success and join now!

But! Do not comment here otherwise you won’t be in it. You have to comment at and hopefully you will get a job!

~PCAP Smashaz

Loads of updates…and Sneak Peak!

5 01 2010

Hey guys… It’s me Smashaz here and cazmo updated immensely today! Well first of all, the main notice on the front of the news paper is a reminder that the best room contest ends soon! Heres the notice!!!

Now, there is a new concert coming up! Its someone I havent heard of before so maybe she will suprise me. Her name is… Um. Well here is the image with her name on!

Thats her name! Anyway, last of the updates. Get your reindeers now! This is the last period of time you can buy the colourful reindeers! They are on sale so get yours now!

Finally, there iz a new Sneak peak! Lake cazmo is going to be getting icy!!! Check this pic of what t might look like!

Hmmm I wonder!!!


Small Update

23 12 2009

Hey cazmos! Today while I was checking updates at my house I saw some festive things for sale! I loved the things so much I decided to decorate my house with Christmassy things!!! There were some other cc things which I couldn’t buy! I found it out in the newspaper and this is what you would see.

If you buy most of the things, it will come up like this, however there is an igloo which you will see at town and also an ice cube which you will also see at the town! Check the things I brought out!

Check out the rockin’ crib!!! Do you like it? Anyway, thats all for now!



16 12 2009

Hey cazmos. As you may know, recently I have started posting updates on Soccers awsome blog! Well, I have just checked through a few of the older posts up to the new ones and realised Jimbercane has been updating you guys like mad! Now, me and 7ronaldo27 have joined in posting the updates. I know Rons updated in the past I’m just saying not as much as Jimbercane. Now, I was thinking, if maybe we could make a site for people that love updating about Planecazmo!!! The domain would be or maybe an even cooler name! The people that will join will have to post regularly. However, before I design the site and get some workers in I need your approval that it is a good idea! It would really help me if you commented your thoughts about this. If we made it, it would be the best site ever…!

Thank you and please comment your thoughts.

Click this!

15 12 2009

Please click this strait away!!!

Thank you!!!

12 days of cazmo! Day 9

14 12 2009

Hey cazmos! Today cazmo updated with Day nine of the 12 days of cazmo!!! Im here to update you with how to do it. Anyways, Day 9 is here and this is how you do it. First up, click the map icon which looks like this…

When you get to the map, click the cazmo-rena and click whatever colour area you want!

When you get there, move to the left and go up slightly. Then you will see a sign saying VIP area. Click the doors and make your way through you will then see Jeff and Torgo. Now click them and see what they have to say. After you have read it your player will come up like this. Click the first option to get started!!!

When you’ve done that, you have to find a fish in a fish tank! To find it go onto the icon ‘Map’ again and this time click downtown, then go to ‘Club Cazmo.’ Enter it. You will immediately see the fish tank with the fish in!

Sorry the image isn’t shown. Now, you visit back to the Cazmo Rena and back to the VIP area until you see Jeff and Torgo again. They will congratulate you and award you with your prize! Here it is…

Well done! You have recieved the fish tank for your house!!!

Now, I want to tell you why I’ve suddenly started doing updates for this fab site of soccers. Well one, I want to get more involved in Planet Cazmo and to look for updaes. Instead of Jimbercane doing all of the work why can’t I!?!? This was really fun making this post and I am going to continue making updates for my site, this and others. I hope you like the way I do my updates and please comment your thoughts!


New update!

16 10 2009

Hey guys!

Cazmo has just updates and now there is a New Boyz souleo vid part 2!

Here it is…

Feel free to watch!

~PCAP Mas~

Cazmo movie!

11 10 2009

Hey cazmos!

I hav decided to make a movie about planet cazmo and this is where u will apply!

I will need lots of people to join and they will be on u tube!

These are the things I will need to do it so just tell me wat one u wanna do and ill let u be in the production!!!

I will need:

1. A person who will come up with ideas and names

2. A person who will make a script

3. Charecters

If you wanna join this really good thing that has came to cazmo i will need ur email and ur username!

Thats it!

So gd luck and I hope you get in!!!

~PCAP Masjr~

pcap masjr seal

P.S. To join you will have to comment on MY site

Contest bby!

13 09 2009

Hey everyone!

This is my contest!

Im rly sorry because i currently hav no cc (I will take ur donations of cc!!!) but i hope you all still enter and maybe win sum kl things!!!

You hav to comment on my site and the person wiv the most at the end wins! My site is Here are the prizes u could win:








Ok the closing date is 19th September 2009



Mod gift!

6 09 2009

Hey cazmos, its mas here and today oscar the couch got me my first mod gift!

Here it is:

Planet Cazmo, Virtual World, Virtual Concerts, Music, Online Games, Skateboards, Aliens, Hang Outs, More!-426

Thanx oscar for givin me them!