Planet Cazmo Lloyd Quest Guide

22 07 2009


Planet Cazmo Lloyd Quest Guide

(Yes This is The NEW Quest)


To Start the quest, you must go to the down town area, and then to the mall. 

Next You Have to Talk to Mama Caz, and ask her to see the zibs.



Then Once you are inside, talk to the Zib with the donuts to start the quest.



After You talk to the zibs, you have to find some items.




The Cup is at the Beach in the bottom left hand corner of the beach map.



The Computer is at the Space Port



The Balloons are at the Cazmo Club



The Banana is at the outside part of the Body Shop



The Apple is at the Town Square ( Near the Info Booth)



Once You Find All The Items, go back to the Zibs head quarters. (Mama Caz’s Mall)


When you are done talking with the Zibs and Lloyd, you have to find three more items.



The First Spying Device is at the Garage

( It is located outside the garage and passed the bridge)



The Second Spying Device is located at the Playground



The Final Spying Device is Located at The Statue Island ( The Right Corner of the beach map)



When You Find the 3 spying devices, head back to the zibs headquarters

Talk to The Zibs and You will recieve the Spy Jacket and 200 coins.



You Finished the Quest!




-Ambassador Soccer










Planet Cazmo News

3 07 2009


Hey Cazmos, Soccer Here.

Updates have come to planet cazmo today!


First, when you log in, you will see Fireworks, and a Michael Jackson Tribute.



Then, Fire Works are at the beach! I think there pretty cool!



Next, The Newspaper has been updated,




You can get a flag surboard at the beach shop, and a flag skateboard at the skate shop.




Finally, A Michael Jackson Tribute will be going on all weekend long!




Ambassador Soccer



New Header

2 06 2009

Hey Cazmos, Soccer here.

As you can see I have a new awesome header.


It was made by Agent.

His blog is


So keep checking back.


Bathing Suits are coming this Friday, and a Beach Party on the weekend.



Ambassador Soccer

New Site Updates

21 04 2009

Hey Cazmos, Soccer here.

I’m starting to like this new theme, connections, now.

Some changes I made are:

I added a space background on the left and right side.

I reorganized alot of the pages.

I made a new page called PLANET CAZMO TALK.


Please make sure you visit the planet cazmo talk page.

Just comment on that page, and I, or anyone else that sees it will reply back.

You may also ask questions and stuff there also.

CLICK HERE   to visit the page


What i’m going to work on next is: updating pages, deleting old pages, and adding better new pages.

If you want me to add any thing at all, like new pages, new things, comment on this post or on the planet cazmo talk page.




-Ambassador Soccer


The Ultimate Planet Cazmo Quiz

31 03 2009

Hey Cazmos, Soccer here.

SO you think you know everything about planet cazmo?

Oh really?

Take The Ultimate planet cazmo quiz to find out!

1. To answer the quiz below, just comment your answers.

2. The quiz will be added to the planet cazmo puzzles page.

3. I will be adding more to the quiz, and if you have any ideas on what I should add to it, please let me know! I will also make an A,B,C,D choice type quiz.

( NOTE: Some of the questions may be hard, while others are easy. Do your best!

The Ultimate Planet Cazmo Quiz

1. When did planet cazmo start?


2. How old do you have to be to become a Cadet?


3. When Do you earn the cazmo super star badge?


4. Which two planet cazmo moderators needed to be rescued by us?


5. What is the term for “cazmos who have been selected by planet cazmo to help spread the word with there Blog” ?  HINT: It starts with A.

6. Name three singers that have performed in planet cazmo?

7. Name the very first cazmo of the week? HINT: You may have to research on this to find out, like check out old archives of this site 🙂

8. Who was the first ambassador? You may say his shortened name, which starts with A.


9. Who owns this site?  HINT: His name starts with Starts with S and it has to do with sports. 

10. Which Planet Cazmo Game is currently being worked on?


11. What company basically made planet cazmo? 2 words, both start with P.


12. Which Moderator has A Catfish that likes yogurt crisps?


13. What is one email address that you can contact planet cazmo with?


14. Name 8 places in planet cazmo?

15. Name the website Planet Cazmo partnered with?

So, thats all for the quiz right now. I’ll occasinaly update it, so check back. If you have any good questions to add to it, please let me know?

-Ambassador Soccer









Awesome Planet Cazmo Updates

28 03 2009

Hey Cazmos, Soccer here. Planet Cazmo updated today.


First, When you log in, you will see two new things.

The Strip is Now Called Cruzitron City, which has the strip and the new cazmo race track inside of it.

The Whats New Menu now has the race track on it too.





The Race Track and Strip:



The  Cazmo Race Track:



Next, the cazmo news paper has been updated.

It shows that there are new clothes at the Clothing Shop and Hair / Hat Shop.

There is also a new cazmo car that you can buy with cazmo coins.




New Cazmo Car:



And Finally,

Now you can see which cazmo moderator you are most like by taking a quick quiz.

You can get to the quiz by clicking latest news in the newspaper, and clicking where it says take the mod quiz.

You also earn 3 coins.




Cazmo Mod Quiz:



Also, there are new clothes in the clothing shop and hair shop that I drew a square around in the newspaper picture above.


Thats all for the Planet Cazmo Updates.

If There’s anything I forgot, please let me know.

Comment how you liked the updates!


And Don’t forget to:

See my planet cazmo puzzles page,


and Visit my friend’s site,



-Ambassador Soccer





Planet Cazmo Puzzles

27 03 2009

Hey Cazmos, Soccer here.

I made another new page called planet cazmo puzzles.

On the page, there are activities such as

Guess That Cazmo


Planet Cazmo Wordsearch

Planet Cazmo Number Guess

and More!

To get to the page, visit


In other News,

There will be updates in planet cazmo tomorrow. 

Make sure to log on!

Also visit the PCCG Sign up page and sign up to be part of it.

You will be emailed the password to the PCCG Members page and will be able to chat with people, play the planet cazmo games with out logging in, and more!


Check Back here for The Planet Cazmo Update Cheats Tomorrow,


-Ambassador Soccer

Planet Cazmo Cheats Gang

23 03 2009

Hey Cazmos, Soccer here.

Now you can be a part of this site!

Just go to the planet cazmo cheats gang sign up page located on the sidebar to the left.


You can then view the (pccg) planet cazmo cheats gang, members page.


All the info and why you should sign up is on the page.

Click here to see the sign up page.


-Ambassador Soccer

Planet Cazmo 500 days Old Party

17 03 2009

Hey Cazmos, Soccer here.

I just checked my account info, and I turned 500 days old today! WOOT! 🙂

 I joined planet cazmo the second day of testing, November 3rd, 2007.

I’ll post the party info soon. I’ll invite everyone on my buddie list and make sure everyone is invited!


(This Post is Sticky)



Ambassador Soccer


Awesome Planet Cazmo Glitches

16 03 2009

Hey Guys, Soccer here.

I Just made a new cazmo video on some of the cool glitches planet cazmo has had since it was created. Theres millions of more, but I just put a few of my favorite in here.

Here’s the link to the video

Rate, Comment, and Subscribe!

 CLICK HERE to visit my youtube channel, planetcazmosoccer!



Awesome Planet Cazmo Glitches Video

Comment how you liked the video.

Also comment any suggestions you have for the site, like PAGES, CONTESTS, POSTS, and CREATIVE IDEAS!

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