New Cazmos

3 06 2010

I personally don’t like them… how ’bout you?

“The Return of Cent”

28 10 2009

Hey guys!,

Its me Cent or 100% as my name is in cazmo.

I quit for a few months.  Its been about 3 or 4 months since i quit.  But, i’m back!  I’m happy to see a lot of you again.  I’ve saw some new things around cazmo.  Like the new quest and all the new concerts!  I can’t wait to see more!  I also wanted to tell you about my new site!  It is

I hope to see you all there!  I’m going to have my first party at 1000 hits.  I will being adding some new posts and pages soon.  Right now i’m a little busy but, they should be up there soon!  Hope you like the site and have a great time on cazmo!


SimpleWorld Forum!

9 08 2009

SIMPLEWORLD!  A new Virtual World coming soon created by the iVN creators and their team.  AKA, 100%, Goopergoop, and AgentCazmo.  It will be a blast!  But, for now plese visit our forum for the latest sneak peaks and development.  We could also use your ideas for the game!

Thanks a lot guys!  Just Click on anywhere in this post to be taken to the simpleworld forum aka

~Ambassador % AKA PurpleSun

OPCCC is back and needs you!

29 07 2009

Fellow OPCCC members:

As you know, we are coming back. However we are in the process of remodeling, will not be available for a few days. Now we are working on a massive outside project so we need a few managers and one head manager to run OPCCC while we are busy. The managers must be active, and must agree to our rules. If the manager is not active they will be removed from their position without notice. Keep this in mind, for those of you who are thinking they want to be a manager just for the power. You must reach all qualifications and expectations.

-You must be active.
-You must be good with rule breakers.
-You must be a good leader.
-You must not abuse power.
-You must follow our rules.
-You must be willing to do what we ask.
-You must be honest and trustworthy.
-You must agree to all other rules and expectations we may have.

The manager will also get an email address. If you are interested in this position (Head Manager & Managers) or have questions please respond to this email or send a message to The manager will also get an email address.


OPCCC Administration

iVN Watchtower

10 07 2009

Its here! The official Pre-Website for iVN. A lot of you have wanted to know what iVN stands for well now you will know. It stands for iVirtualNet! We can not tell you what it is about yet but we will give sneak peaks and Updates along the way. You can also sign up to work for iVN as an iVN Watchmen which is like an Ambassador in Planet Cazmo. All you have to do is spread the word about iVN and tell as many people as you can about it and we will give you Sneak Peaks before anyone else! You can also sign up to be a web designer but, for this we only need about 4 people more to help out. If we make money off of iVN( we most likley will in the future) we will pay the web designers unless they sing up as volunteer.
So Visit the Website Today at thats right !
Visit Today!
~Ambassador %

Official Planet Cazmo Cadet Center- Launch

12 03 2009

What’s it about?

The OPCCC is to help Spread the World™ and is the Home of the Planet Cazmo Cadets

Why should we join?

You should join to get to talk to all your friends, be part of the Planet Cazmo Cadet community, and help Planet Cazmo Spread the World to be a Cadet

Will we earn prizes?

You will earn the prize of maybe being a cadet, AND also if you participate in our contests you may win prizes!

Can you tell us ways it helps Planet Cazmo and Spread the World?

It is be a website that explains the purpose of the cadets and the requirements of being one… it might also have missions on it soon… It will have forums and some posts to ask questions for help… Also other posts for Major Updates to the Cadets or Planet Cazmo… It can also state the privileges of being a Cadet
There might also be a few pages for Cadets and Ambassadors only to look at.
Also help show ways on how to spread the world and how it will help Planet CazmoAll of these things help Spread the World by Recruiting more Cadets and they go out to Spread the World in all the ways they can.

Copyright Claim

Copyright 2009 ©Official Planet Cazmo Cadet Center
Ownership of the Site and Idea goes to Cent (Ambassador 100%) and Goop (Ambassador Goopergoop)

Planet Cazmo World Forums

2 01 2009

Hey guys!  100% here,

Can you please visit

We might have a contest for Mods soon so i want everyone to join to get a chance to be a mod!

The forum is the most active Planet Cazmo Forum out there… we get at least 100 or more pots a day… and we are new too!  Version 2 of the Forum was just relased and looks great!

Here is a button for it:


4 12 2008

100% here,
Please Visit my new forum!!!
It is awesome we will add new mods and admins and will have a contest for who ever gets most people to join gets to be a mod of the forum!!!!!
So please tell everyone about the forum and join it!
It will be the biggest Planet Cazmo forum ever! And only you can help make it that!!!
So Join to build up the best Planet CAzmo forum!!!!
Here is the forum:

the 100 Bro’s

4 11 2008

Hey guys it is me 100% here…
I just wanted to tell you me and 100 vs 0 started a site together witch we hope will be big.
Its called the 100 bros.
the site is
That again is
So i hope you guys visit!

p.s. soccer if you dont want me advertising you can delete this post…

The worst thing for 100%

20 10 2008

Hi guys it is my 100%(sniff)

You might want to call me something else now though.

THE MODS ARE TAKING MY PERCENT SIGN!.  I’m sad now.  I should think of a new name

So i thought i would just tell you the really bad news.  Thanks for reading bye.