Anti-Bullying Day Coming To Planet Cazmo!

24 04 2010

Hey guys this is Jimbercane posting. Since I am an Ambassador, I get special priveleges and secrets that no other Cazmo gets. Recently, I found out that a celebration called ‘Anti-Bullying Day’ will be coming to Planet Cazmo. I strongly support this idea, and I am totally against bullying. For that matter I don’t like to hurt anyone. Here are some cool posters of this awesome upcoming event:

Finally, today is the last day that Soulja Boy will be performing in Planet Cazmo. He will start at 12 in the afternoon and end at 12 midnight. He will play once every hour, so don’t miss him if you want that Soulja Boy Tell Em Concert Ticket! Don’t have the Soulja Boy Tell Em VIP Backstage Pass? Look at the post below for the little guide. Thank you for reading this post. Don’t forget to comment in the comment section below to chat with me and some other viewers of this site. Please don’t forget, especially if you have a question or concern, and either ways I love to read your comments, and reply to all of them! Just click on the link called ‘Leave A Reply’ at the bottom of this post.

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Some More Planet Cazmo April Fools Day Tricks!

2 04 2010

Update: I found 2 new Planet Cazmo April Fools Day tricks with the help of my friend Jamesxoxo. The first one is the muhsrooms in the exterior area of the Bodyshop; They are upside down.

The next one is also in the exterior area of the Bodyshop. It is a tree which is upside down.

Hey guys this is Jimbercane posting. Today when I was on Planet Cazmo, I noticed that there were some April Fools Day tricks made by Planet Cazmo that I missed yesterday. The first one is the upside down mailbox in Downtown. (I mean the Downtown in which there is a theater and a pet shop.)

Next, the bench that the Lifeguard sits on is also upside down.

Next, the ‘Town Hall Structure’ which has the words Town Hall engraved on it is upside down as well. (Credits to Jamesxoxo for helping me find this one.)

Next, a tree in the Amphitheater is upside down. (Credits to Jamesxoxo for helping me find this one as well.)

Finally, if you walk on the grass near the upside down Town Hall Structure at the Town Hall, you will notice that your Cazmo’s body will blend in with the grass. (I don’t know if this is a glitch, but I think this may be an April Fools Day trick from Planet Cazmo as well.)

There might be some more tricks, and if you find any may I please request you to comment about them in the Comment Board of this post. I will be sure to give credit to you when I mention them!

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A Mini-Preview Of Today’s Upcoming Updates!

23 12 2009

Hey guys this is Jimbercane posting. Today when I was on Planet Cazmo’s Twitter Profile, I noticed they said that today, there will be new Mikmak’s coming, and some other cool updates! (Mikmak is the Alien Reindeer Pet I think.) I can’t wait! I will keep you updated on this guys!

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New Ambassador Sneak Peak!

9 06 2009

Hey guys look at this cool sneak peak that I got since I am an ambassador:

It’s name seems to be Character Creator. Seems pretty cool to me!

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An Ambassador Sneak Peak & An Awesome Update!

17 04 2009

As all of you know, I am an ambassador, which means I get special sneak peaks that others don’t, and many other privileges…Anyways, here is the current sneak peak, I don’t know what it is though:


Also, now you could buy your own UFO in the Garage!

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New Jersey’s Coming To Planet Cazmo!

10 04 2009

As all of you know, I am an ambassador, and that means that I get special sneak peaks. Anyways, the latest one, is that there will be new jersey’s coming to Planet Cazmo!

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Planet Cazmo Cars and More!

7 03 2009

EDIT: See Jim’s Post below for pictures. Thanks Jim!

Hey Cazmos, Soccer here. I have had very bad virus and things on my computer the last five days. So I havent been able to go on it really. I got a virus that leeches on and blocks every website you go to. It also blocks almost all anti-virus and other programs from running.

So…… I’m going to get it fixed and I should be back around Monday or Tuesday. Until then I’ll be on my ipod touch.

Right now I’m posting from my mom’s computer.



The Planet Cazmo Updates are pretty cool. I don’t think I can get any pictures because of the problem.

1. There are New Planet Cazmo Cars. To buy them visit the shops icon on the chat bar, or visit the garage, go inside, and talk to the guy in there.

2. There’s a new Planet Cazmo News Paper.

3. There are new planet cazmo  hats and other clothing. Visit the hair and hat shop to buy the new hats and the clothing shop for the new pants and other clothing.

4. Theres a new place on the map called THE STRIP. You drive the new cars here.

Thats all the updates I think. Thanks Halogirl for telling me whats new.

The Posts will be alot better once my computer is fixed.

Until then,

Have Fun in Planet Cazmo,


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-Ambassador Soccer



Sick Updates!!!!!

6 03 2009

Hey guys this is Jimbercane posting. There are some REALLY AWESOME updates. Let me start off with the New Cazmo Of The Week. There is a New Cazmo Of The Week, and his name is albertpujols5! Congratulations albertpujols5!

Next, you now have the option to block Party Requests in the Account Tab. (Which could be accessed by clicking on the Diamond on your chatbar.)

Next, there is a small icon saying Best Value on $25.00 in the Cazmo Cash Tab. (Which could be accessed by clicking on the dollar sign on your chatbar.)

Next, there is new stuff on the front page of the Newspaper. It says you could all make 1 free party. Isn’t that just awesome?

Also, you could go to a new place in Planet Cazmo, and it is called the Striper. To go to the Striper, you will need to buy a car from the Garage.

Just incase you don’t have enough money to buy a car, then here is a small picture of how the Striper looks:

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Pretty Cool Updates & A Sneak Peak!

21 02 2009

First off, to complete the Jeff And Torgo Quest, you must go to the Town Hall, and talk to the Zib over there. He will show you a video, and after that he will give you a special Jeff And Torgo Poster for your house!

Next, you could go to a new Star’s House! And that star’s name is…. Lisa Lefteye Lopez!

 The Newspaper has been updated. On the front page, it says ‘Jeff And Torgo Rescued!!’

And finally, here is a sneak peak I got since I am an ambassador. It’s about having your own party! That’ right! You will be able to decorate the room where your having your party in!

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Breaking Planet Cazmo News

20 02 2009

EDIT: PLanet Cazmo is done updating! Updates coming Soon!

Hey guys. Soccer here. We have two NEW, ( I love that word) things coming to planet cazmo!

First, BADGES are Coming to Planet Cazmo!



Next, We have a Sneek Peek of, THROW YOUR OWN PARTY!






I have waited SOOOO long for badges to come. Orignally, ambassadors were going to have badges, but instead we got cool hats. Now, from the picture, we are going to get BOTH! PLANET CAZMO IS THE BEST!

Then, they were nice enough to give us a sneek peek of some of the items you can have in your party.

Please  Tell me, your favorite one, and how long you have been waiting for them. And what party item is your favorite.

Ambassador Soccer,