Planet Cazmo News

3 07 2009


Hey Cazmos, Soccer Here.

Updates have come to planet cazmo today!


First, when you log in, you will see Fireworks, and a Michael Jackson Tribute.



Then, Fire Works are at the beach! I think there pretty cool!



Next, The Newspaper has been updated,




You can get a flag surboard at the beach shop, and a flag skateboard at the skate shop.




Finally, A Michael Jackson Tribute will be going on all weekend long!




Ambassador Soccer



Back From Vaction!

16 06 2009


Hey Cazmos, Soccer here!

I’m back from vaction. I had an awesome time!


Anyway, I know I missed alot on planet cazmo in the last 2 weeks or so.

Please Comment and tell me whats been happening!


Now, I will be online alot more, but don’t expect me to be on every hour of everyday!


I still need to do plenty of real life things like go to the beach, hang out with friends, etc.


Ofcourse I will be online when updates come!

The days I will be most online is Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday!

Don’t forget to check the tracker near the top right of the site. I will always update it before I go online!


And in Other News:

We finally reached 200,000 hits!


I think I should have a party for this!

Also, I’ll open contests and scavenger hunts again soon!

Maybe I Have a few other surprises up my sleeve……………………


Take this Poll to See if we should have a party or not



Ambassador Soccer


Soulja Boy Pc Site

17 05 2009

Hey Everyone Guess What soulja boy has a pc account and hes own sort of different site of pc well the only difference is the homepage So When you log in to it you will still have the same severs, same buddys, and same  cazmos on…check it

soulja boy site

~Ambassador 7 ronaldo27

Planet Cazmo Earth Day Cheats

21 04 2009

Hey Cazmos. Soccer here.

Earth Day has come to planet cazmo.

First, There’s a new newspaper with Earth Day Things in It!



Next, you can buy a new tree for earth day for your yard, and part of your purchase goes to the Arbor Day Foundation!


Third, if you pick up trash around planet cazmo, you earn a few coins!

Here are two locations:





Finally, here are what some of the decorations look like!



Thats all for now!

I’ll keep you updated on upcoming cazmo concerts, rooms, parties, and more!



-Ambassador Soccer

Back and working on New Design

18 04 2009

SOCCER’S EDIT: I am currently updating pages. Also, I tryed a bunch of different themes, but none of them seemed to look good. It’s either this theme, connections, freshy, the old theme, or 2 others. It’s hard to decide!

Hey Cazmos, Soccer here.

I’m back from vacation, and I had a great time.


Anyway, like I said before I went away, I was going to work on a*NEW* Design.

For now, I’m trying Connections because it is fairly organized and the pages are pretty easy to find. 

I am working on trying a few other themes, but until then this is the best.



-Ambassador Soccer

Planet Cazmo Update Cheats

4 04 2009

Hey Cazmos, Soccer here.

The Updates came.

First of all, there’s a new planet cazmo newspaper



There’s now a new planet cazmo quiz game called Vote-O-Rama.

When I took it, I got “would you rather questions.”

I though some of them were really clever.


1. Answer the 5 questions.

2. Pick a percentage that you is closet to the real amount of people that picked an answer.








The Questions I were about to sumbit, but it messed up and logged me out 😦  It must be a glitch.






As the cazmo newspaper says, the Cazmo NBA Gear is coming next week.

The Gear Includes:



and More!

Thats all I found.

More things coming out in Planet Cazmo Next Friday!


Comment your favorite questions in the quiz,

and any questions you think would be good for the quiz!



Ambassador Soccer

Awesome Planet Cazmo Updates

28 03 2009

Hey Cazmos, Soccer here. Planet Cazmo updated today.


First, When you log in, you will see two new things.

The Strip is Now Called Cruzitron City, which has the strip and the new cazmo race track inside of it.

The Whats New Menu now has the race track on it too.





The Race Track and Strip:



The  Cazmo Race Track:



Next, the cazmo news paper has been updated.

It shows that there are new clothes at the Clothing Shop and Hair / Hat Shop.

There is also a new cazmo car that you can buy with cazmo coins.




New Cazmo Car:



And Finally,

Now you can see which cazmo moderator you are most like by taking a quick quiz.

You can get to the quiz by clicking latest news in the newspaper, and clicking where it says take the mod quiz.

You also earn 3 coins.




Cazmo Mod Quiz:



Also, there are new clothes in the clothing shop and hair shop that I drew a square around in the newspaper picture above.


Thats all for the Planet Cazmo Updates.

If There’s anything I forgot, please let me know.

Comment how you liked the updates!


And Don’t forget to:

See my planet cazmo puzzles page,


and Visit my friend’s site,



-Ambassador Soccer





Awesome Planet Cazmo Updates

20 02 2009

Hey Cazmos. Soccer here.

The Updates today were very good.


First, The Planet Cazmo Badges are Here! There so Cool. I’m still not sure how to get the cpc badge, I guess it isn’t possible yet. The guy at the town hall said we may need you again, so thats the reason why most likely.



New Planet Cazmo Pet Features are here!

( I think they are from the last update, )

Pet Toys


Pet Accessories



New Front Page of Newspaper

Jeff and Torgo are rescued At Last!



Finish the Save the Mods Quest

Go to the town square.


Then, talk to the Zib guy whos eating a donut and getting fat.

Jeff and Torgo are there and are dancing around.

He will try to tell you whats happens.

He then lets you see a youtube video on what happened, torgos catfish did something amazing. ( It makes a great funny pic if you take it in time.)



For your reward, you get a rare poster.

Thats all for now.


Please  Tell me, your favorite one, and how long you have been waiting for them. And what party item is your favorite.

Ambassador Soccer,





Breaking Planet Cazmo News

20 02 2009

EDIT: PLanet Cazmo is done updating! Updates coming Soon!

Hey guys. Soccer here. We have two NEW, ( I love that word) things coming to planet cazmo!

First, BADGES are Coming to Planet Cazmo!



Next, We have a Sneek Peek of, THROW YOUR OWN PARTY!






I have waited SOOOO long for badges to come. Orignally, ambassadors were going to have badges, but instead we got cool hats. Now, from the picture, we are going to get BOTH! PLANET CAZMO IS THE BEST!

Then, they were nice enough to give us a sneek peek of some of the items you can have in your party.

Please  Tell me, your favorite one, and how long you have been waiting for them. And what party item is your favorite.

Ambassador Soccer,


Planet Cazmo is Upgrading

12 12 2008

Hey Cazmos. Planet Cazmo is upgrading! I was on for a few minutes, and I got a message saying that the Clique Girls ( if that is how you spell it) will be there after the updates.
May be a few more things as well.