About Soccer


Hey Cazmos, Im Soccer,

The Owner of this Blog!


I’ve been Playing Planet Cazmo Since the second day it started.

I pretty much know everything about it.

I’m also and Ambassador, the next highest rank after moderator.

As an ambassador, I help spread the word of planet cazmo, help people with the game,

and test certain things out!


If you have any questions,

Ask them here.

You can also ask me in the chatbox when I’m online.



Ambassador Soccer


12 responses

8 07 2009

i want to be a mod

8 07 2009

me too lol and anbassader

23 08 2009

how do u become ambasseder

11 07 2009
nev dude

Please help me because once i did the the Zibs quest, i can’t do any other quests!!!

4 08 2009

you have to work really hard to be both i know really

15 08 2009

Hey Soccer How Are You can We Meet On Planet Cazmo??

23 08 2009

viset please

4 10 2009

can i be mod too

11 01 2010

hi i want to be a mod to but its better if u dont ask

10 02 2010

Hey wassup Soccer! hav my own blog im tryin 2 becom an ambassader like u! if ud all check out my site so i cud get as many hits as possible dat wud b so cool!planetcazcheats.blogspot.com

7 04 2010

Everyone! Stop asking to be a mod! You must be at least 18 years old, and apply for the JOB at the PC Headquarters. Yes, the JOB. Planet cazmo moderators are real adults. Being a moderator is not something you earn online. It is a real life job, so, if you are thinking that an ambassador can make you a moderator, you’re rong. It is a real life job. Soccer is not a mod. So gages, if you want to be a mod, go to canada or whatever.Lol.Get the job, or apply. Lynda12, don’t ask an ambassador to become a mod. It probably wont happen.

TATE01, you must own a Planet Cazmo blog, forums, or youtube channel to help spread the word of Planet Cazmo.

19 05 2010

how did u gind out about planet cazmo

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