30 11 2009

Hey guys its tapewe are almost at 4000 hits on my blog so I will throw a huge party which I will be recording and giving away a good ammount of cazmo cash in. The party will be on Monday December 7th at the cazmo club in beatstreet 4:30 p.m est time which is 5:30 p.m pc time and for your specific time if its not est look it up on google dont ask me pelase:p. Comment on this post if you plan on going to this upcoming party so I will kno whow much cc to give away [ more people coming means more cc being given away.] Hope you can all make it


New Ambassador Sneak Peak!

9 06 2009

Hey guys look at this cool sneak peak that I got since I am an ambassador:

It’s name seems to be Character Creator. Seems pretty cool to me!

planet cazmo cheats


Planet Cazmo: Upcoming Events!

4 06 2009

Hey Cazmos, Soccer here.

There’s lots of stuff coming up in Planet Cazmo.


Kristinia Debarge coming to Cazmo …. June 27!!!!!

David Archuleta will be performing sometime soon!



Cazmo Beach Party ALL WEEKEND Long ….


Other Stuff:

Swim Suits




Beach Shop


Underwater World









New Shoes


Also, you will be able to earn cazmo cash for free by taking surveys!


And Much, Much More!


In other news: I will be going on vation for a week, and will have limited time to be on the computer.

I will probably not be able to attend the beach party this weekend.

During this week I need my authors to post because I most likely wont be able to.



Ambassador Soccer



Planet Cazmo Primary Games Party

15 05 2009

Hey Cazmos, Soccer here.

Luckily, tonight, I had very little homework so I have just a few minutes to post this.

Primary games is throwing a party for planet cazmo. If you are a regular visitor to  , than you would have already noticed the changes.

You Can count on me to be there!

Spread the Word!

Heres all the Info on the Party:



 Planet Cazmo

Upcoming Events



PrimaryGames & Planet Cazmo Launch Party

We are celebrating the launch of Planet Cazmo on
We will be throwing a huge party this Saturday on Planet Cazmo.
Make sure to tell all of your friends about this special event!!!

Saturday, May 16th
Server: Funkitron
Tile: Playground-Swings
Time: 12:00 pm – 4:00 pm Eastern
11:00 am – 3:00 pm Central
10:00 am – 2:00 pm Mountain
9:00 am – 1:00 pm Pacific

Click here to go to the party!

All new players will get 1000 coins for signing up.
Receive 50 coins each day just by logging in!


Don’t see your time zone? Click the link below for more zones.

Use this link to convert to your time zone.




Thanks, Ambassador Soccer


An Ambassador Sneak Peak & An Awesome Update!

17 04 2009

As all of you know, I am an ambassador, which means I get special sneak peaks that others don’t, and many other privileges…Anyways, here is the current sneak peak, I don’t know what it is though:


Also, now you could buy your own UFO in the Garage!

planet cazmo cheats


New Jersey’s Coming To Planet Cazmo!

10 04 2009

As all of you know, I am an ambassador, and that means that I get special sneak peaks. Anyways, the latest one, is that there will be new jersey’s coming to Planet Cazmo!

planet cazmo cheats


Planet Cazmo Update Cheats

4 04 2009

Hey Cazmos, Soccer here.

The Updates came.

First of all, there’s a new planet cazmo newspaper



There’s now a new planet cazmo quiz game called Vote-O-Rama.

When I took it, I got “would you rather questions.”

I though some of them were really clever.


1. Answer the 5 questions.

2. Pick a percentage that you is closet to the real amount of people that picked an answer.








The Questions I were about to sumbit, but it messed up and logged me out 😦  It must be a glitch.






As the cazmo newspaper says, the Cazmo NBA Gear is coming next week.

The Gear Includes:



and More!

Thats all I found.

More things coming out in Planet Cazmo Next Friday!


Comment your favorite questions in the quiz,

and any questions you think would be good for the quiz!



Ambassador Soccer

This Week on Planet Cazmo

3 04 2009

EDIT: Like Jim said below, Planet Cazmo is Upgrading!

Hey Cazmos, Soccer here.

This week on planet cazmo,

NBA gear from your favorite team for your cazmo and your cazmo house will be available.

Cool items Like:



and More!


Also a new cazmo quiz will be come out next week as well.


I can’t way for the New Jerseys. I like basketball almost has much Soccer 🙂


Comment who your favorite NBA Teams are


What items might be available!


-Ambassador Soccer



Planet Cazmo Cadets

14 03 2009


Hey Guys. Soccer here. I’m back from the party. I had a great time. Anyway,

You can now be a cazmo cadet. You have to take a short quiz and get 9 out of 10 answers correct.


1.  To Get to the Cazmo Quiz, either click the cazmo cadet banner in the newspaper, or click it on the “whats cool section when you first log into planet cazmo.



Or choose the option below to get to the cazmo cadet quiz



2. You must be 30 days or older to take the quiz.


3. Click continue, and continue again.


4. Each time you take the quiz, the questions are in a different order. This makes it hard to make a guide, but i’ll try my best.

5. Now answer 9 out of 10 questions correctly, and you will get a cazmo cadet badge, outfit, and soon a phone.


Planet Cazmo Cadet Quiz Guide

( Note: The quiz questions and order changes each time you take it. This is the order I had mine. Here I will list 13 answers.)

1. Zibs are Evil Aliens: FALSE

2. There is an offical Planet Cazmo channel on Youtube: TRUE

3. Dr. Franken Body Sells Skateboards: FALSE

4. You Can earn Cazmo Coins by working out in the Fitness Center: TRUE

5. Backstage Newt cells Sunglasses: FALSE

6.Torgo is a moderator on Planet Cazmo: TRUE!!!!

7. Peter Panda is the bartender at the Cazmo Club: FALSE

8. The FAQ ( Frequently Asked Questions) Sign is in the space port: FALSE

9. You can buy Space Ships with cazmo cash in the Vehicle Shop: TRUE

10.  You can Sign up to be Cazmo of The Week in the Cazmo Diner: FALSE

11. Members Get Free Cazmo Cash and Cazmo Coins Every Month: TRUE

12. You can contact a moderator by clicking on the red “M” in the upper right corner of the screen: TRUE

13. Smudgy Works in the Garage: TRUE

If you get these any of questions and use these answers you will get all 10 cazmo cadet quiz questions right and you will receive the cazmo cadet badge and cazmo cadet uniform.

You will also receive a cazmo cadet cell phone soon.

The Cazmo Cadet Uniform is located in the costume inventory.

Planet Cazmo Cadet Rules




Also, you can now put your player card  on to your blog from the newspaper.

Just copy the code and paste it on blogs, forums, etc.


I will make a guide soon.






Click here to Log In! | Click here to Sign Up!







Planet Cazmo Cadets Coming Soon

13 03 2009


Hey Guys. Soccer here. My Computer is fixed now 🙂

Anyway in a few minutes, cazmo cadets will be here. Planet Cazmo is upgrading and that is what will be in the updates.


I will be at a party until 8:00 pm est. Time so if any admins are on please post about it.

Anyway, visit and join.

It’s A great site.