Yung Berg Glitch!

28 10 2008

Hello Cazmo’s!

There was a glitch however it was cool,Yung berg was perfoming and then he disappeared how can that be Maybe a glitch what do you think?



Also,when you visit Cazmo Rena it gives you options!

Until then…

Keep Cazmo Growing!

~Nado The Ambassador~ 😆

Planetcazmo Front Page!

28 10 2008

Hello Cazmo’s!

Planetcazmo have just changed the front look of the homepage well not really have a look,It tells more details about the Concert!

Until then…

Keep Cazmo Growing!

~Nado The Ambassador~ :lol:

New Ambassador!!

28 08 2008

Hello Cazmo’s Its Nado!

YAY! Im a new ambassador along with Kokeeto and Goopergoop so I Thank everyone for there support and I am still waiting for my Official Ambassador Seal!

This Picture is from

Until then…

Keep Cazmo growing!

Quest Guide!

26 08 2008

Hello Cazmo’s!

Its Nado im a new Editor in this site thanks to Soccer,Im here with the full guide of the new misson,this guide is from my site

  • To start of talk to the shark!

Location “Towelz” Down Right!

Pirate Flag:
Location “Pump It” Down Left!

Location “Sun Island” Right!

Pirate Hat:
Location “Cazmo Ball” Beside the volley ball court!

Treasure Chest:
Location “Statue Island” Middle!

Location “Dock 1″ UP + beside rock!

Location “Blue Hut” Up-Right!

Gold Coins:
Location “Ice Hut” Down Right!

Location “Splat Hut” Down Right!

After that go back and talk to Sharky and he will tell you to fird Pirate Pete:


Pirate Pete:
Location “Dock 2″

The Reward!

A close up Pic of Pete,just to let you know who he is!

If you want to see the updates just go below!

Until then…

See you around!