New Author..

8 05 2009

Hey everyone its me ron well i would like to thank soccer for allowing me to work on this amazing site i will try to post as much as possible.oh and i am in phrase 6.


~Ambassador 7 ronaldo27

New Swim Suits Coming Soon

18 09 2008

Hey cazmos. There are cool new swim suits coming soon.  The pictures below divides the suits into two categories, Girls and Boys swim suits. I think they look pretty cool. I live 6 minutes from the beach in realife, and have a pool in my back yard. So I wear swim suits often. I like the black ones, the flame ones, the usa ones, and the red ones. Tell me which ones you like.


Planet Cazmo - Boys Bathing Suits by Cazmo Ambassador.



Planet Cazmo - Girls Bathing Suits by Cazmo Ambassador.

Pictures from

Thanks and make sure to watch the “Jeff being abducted video” post made by Jimbercane below.

~Soccer Owner of

New Page

13 09 2008

Hey Cazmos. The New page is here. It is…….. A CSS  Codes, Tips, Hints, Help, FAQ, Page. I Just put a few things so far. I have to add alot more things. So, visit it for now. Pretty much all it has right now is a small FAQ. But, that will change shortly.