Awesome Planet Cazmo Updates

28 03 2009

Hey Cazmos, Soccer here. Planet Cazmo updated today.


First, When you log in, you will see two new things.

The Strip is Now Called Cruzitron City, which has the strip and the new cazmo race track inside of it.

The Whats New Menu now has the race track on it too.





The Race Track and Strip:



The  Cazmo Race Track:



Next, the cazmo news paper has been updated.

It shows that there are new clothes at the Clothing Shop and Hair / Hat Shop.

There is also a new cazmo car that you can buy with cazmo coins.




New Cazmo Car:



And Finally,

Now you can see which cazmo moderator you are most like by taking a quick quiz.

You can get to the quiz by clicking latest news in the newspaper, and clicking where it says take the mod quiz.

You also earn 3 coins.




Cazmo Mod Quiz:



Also, there are new clothes in the clothing shop and hair shop that I drew a square around in the newspaper picture above.


Thats all for the Planet Cazmo Updates.

If There’s anything I forgot, please let me know.

Comment how you liked the updates!


And Don’t forget to:

See my planet cazmo puzzles page,


and Visit my friend’s site,



-Ambassador Soccer







3 responses

29 03 2009
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30 03 2009

My new game Ninja Strike is comming along really well.

31 03 2009


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