bad news :(

22 07 2010

Hey guys tape here and I have some very unforuante news for you guys. The tape vs juicebox season finale was not able to be uplaoded to youtube. Afer recording the clips (with camstudio) they were fine on my editer ( which also unfortunatly right now is movie maker) but when i uplaod the video to youtube there all black so nobody can see OR hear anything :(. It took a really long time now record and make so I am to lazy to record EVERYTHING AGAIN plus there were scenes which would be challenging to record again so I dont think it can ever get on youtube :(. If anybody knows ANY other site where the video could get uploaded to PLEASE let me know right away cause maybe it will work? I dont know but I feel really bad it cant get uploaded so sorry guys I dont know what to do. In other news I was REALLY busy this week whichi is why I could not post the updates. What basically happened is a new quest you can start at the TCA place at the beach and some new concerts coming up. You can also now get mod autographs ( by completing the quest) you can loook at them in your cazbook. And thats about it.




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