less servers

29 06 2010

Hey guys tape here and today when I went on cazmo I noticed there are way less servers! Here is a pic

They have now gone down to 5 servers! I guess so many people have been quitting lately that not enough logins have happened and they decided to downgrade..
Dont forget to check out the post below for a cool contest!



27 06 2010

Hey guys and tape here and there is one more contest im holding and its in this video

so watch it then please follow the rules and if you would like the prize start going now!!


New Video

21 06 2010

Hey guys its tape and I just uploaded episode 5 of tape vs juicebox!! Its live
On youtube im at 119 subs and when I get to 125 I am going to throw a major party!!

new vid

14 06 2010

is episode 4 of tape vs juicebox check it out and like it please!

~ tape http://www.planetcazmocool.wordpress.com

new vid

9 06 2010

~tape please like it and comment with ideas for new vids!!


6 06 2010

Hey guys tape posting, and today I put up episode 3 of tape vs juicebox

and I am gonna have a cc contest soon so keep checking back in.. and dont forget to keep checkign my youtube also because I am going to put up our first pcmv up in along time… and its definatly my best ever by far!! So get ready and.. KEEP CHECKING OUT EVERYTHING!!


4 06 2010

Hey guys tape posting and as you can see from the pic cazmo has updated majorly!! If you click on primary games or just jared it will bring you to a party!! The primary games one is a beach party and the just jared one is like a dance club!! Its super cool!! Just Jared and primary games are now partners with planet cazmo also!! So go on and check out the updates right away….!!!!

~tape http://www.planetcazmocool.wordpress.com

New Cazmos

3 06 2010


I personally don’t like them… how ’bout you?

new vid

1 06 2010

Hey guys its tape here and I just uploaded my new video of the the tape vs juicebox series this is episode 2