Ice Skates Are Here!

22 01 2010

Hey Guys!! Its Friday and that means new skates comming!!

Here Are The New Skates! They Are Both For Cazmo Cash And Coins!

Inorder to buy them you need to talk to the aligator at lake cazmo.

Once You Brought Them Your Ready To Go Theres Even A New Dance Move!!!

And Finnaly theres a new mod/ambassador gift its the bear slippers its quite an old item from beta.

~Ambassador 7 ronaldo27

40 Cazmos Cash Contest!!!

19 01 2010

Hey Cazmos! Yep Its Contest Time Again!!! Thanks For All Your Awsome Visits!!!!

Ok Here Are The Details…… It Will Be A Commenting Contest…..

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Rules Are:

*Numbers Are Aloud But Dont Cheat By going 37…….569 You Will Be Disquallified.

* You May Only Comment Stuff About Cazmo

The Winner Will Recieve An Instant 40 Cazmo Cash!

This Will End Next Monday So Get Commenting NOW!!!!

Good Luck!

Kate Voegele Free Virtual Concert Comming Soon!

5 01 2010

Hey Cazmos. More Great News!!!Planet Cazmo Have Annoucned The Next FREE Virtual Concert Which Is Comming To Town This Will Be On The 15th-16th of January Which Is Next Week!

Are You Comming???

~Ambassador 7 ronaldo27

~Planet Cazmo MAIN OWNER

New updates including new pets!

23 12 2009

Hey Cazmos Pc updated today with some AWSOME new pets!!! Well they are the same type  but in different colours which is pretty cool!!

They cost 40 cazmo cash for non members and 2o cazmo cash for members!

Pc also added some cool new membership discounts which only last until the new year So you better get one before its too late :P

~Ambassador 7 ronaldo27

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11 day of cazmo quest guide!!!

16 12 2009

Here is the guide for the 11 of the 12 days of cazmo!!!Hasnt it gone fast??

1.First of head down to the vip as usual,Then talk to mason he will tell you hes lost a car can you help Him????

2. The car is located at the beach volley ball court!!!

3. Once you have collected this go back to the vip area and collect your prize!!

Y0u can now use it to decorate your house!!! cool huh?

>Ambassador 7 ronaldo27

10 day of cazmo quest guide!!

15 12 2009

Looks like david archuleta has lost his racing track….can YOU help him??

1. Go to the vip area and talk to david.

2. Goto the playground and walk over the track!!

3. Go back to the vip area and speak to david he will reward you!!!

As a reward he will give you the racing track to decorate your house!! how cool is that????

~Ambassador 7 ronaldo27

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Instruments In Your House!!! Holiday UFOs! And More!!!

11 12 2009

Hello Cazmos,Today pc updated with some AWSOME Updates!!! Well where shall we start!!lets start with the Instruments!

As you can see you can now buy instruments for your house but with the maximum price of 40 cc!

And as you can also instruments backstage are open to ALL cazmos!!

Now,Check out the sweet new holiday Ufos!!! However these come with a very harsh price of 80-100 cc OUCH!!!

Well thats all for today!

~Ambassador 7 ronaldo27

New Pet And Christmas Costumes Are Back!!!

4 12 2009

Heyo Cazmos,you can sence its almsot christmas!!!!Well only cazmo anyways!Ok First there is a saweet new pet!!!

The New Pet Is Availible For Only 40 cazmo cash or for members 20 cazmo cash! It takes 2 hours to hatch!

Now,The Old Christmas Costumes Have Returned!!! Buy Them Quick!!!!There Only limited Time only!!

~Ambassador 7 ronaldo27

Christmas Is Here!(Again)

30 11 2009

Hey There Cazmos,Hmm Is It That Nice Cold Breeze Again…..Shivers,Yep Christmas Is Back On Cazmo!

Here Is The Town!

You can now through snowballs instead of turkeys!!!sweet!!!

*You Can Copy This Animation If You Give Me Credit!

~Ambassador 7 ronaldo27

8,000 hits 40 cc party!

24 11 2009

Hey There Cazmos, Yep The Title Says It All As I Have Recieved 8,000 Hits From You Wonderful Cazmos I Would Like To Reward You Guys With A 40 Cazmo Cash Party!!! So Here Are The Details

Date: Sun Nov 29 2009
Time: 15:00 EST, 14:00 CST, 12:00 PST (4 Pm Planet Cazmo Time)
Server: Beatstreet
Location: Club Cazmo
Directions: From the map, select ‘Downtown’, then ‘Club Cazmo’ in the North. Walk up the red carpet into the club, and you’re there!

Hope You Come Along And I Will Randomly Pick A Cazmo Who Will Recieve The Cc!

P.S It Helps If Your There Earlier!I Will Also Be Trying To Get A Moderator Online To!!! (I Would Also Like To Add That Asking If You Could Be The Winner WIll Lower Your Chances)

Thank You

~Ambassador 7 ronaldo27