Planet Cazmo Lloyd Quest Guide

22 07 2009


Planet Cazmo Lloyd Quest Guide

(Yes This is The NEW Quest)


To Start the quest, you must go to the down town area, and then to the mall. 

Next You Have to Talk to Mama Caz, and ask her to see the zibs.



Then Once you are inside, talk to the Zib with the donuts to start the quest.



After You talk to the zibs, you have to find some items.




The Cup is at the Beach in the bottom left hand corner of the beach map.



The Computer is at the Space Port



The Balloons are at the Cazmo Club



The Banana is at the outside part of the Body Shop



The Apple is at the Town Square ( Near the Info Booth)



Once You Find All The Items, go back to the Zibs head quarters. (Mama Caz’s Mall)


When you are done talking with the Zibs and Lloyd, you have to find three more items.



The First Spying Device is at the Garage

( It is located outside the garage and passed the bridge)



The Second Spying Device is located at the Playground



The Final Spying Device is Located at The Statue Island ( The Right Corner of the beach map)



When You Find the 3 spying devices, head back to the zibs headquarters

Talk to The Zibs and You will recieve the Spy Jacket and 200 coins.



You Finished the Quest!




-Ambassador Soccer










This Week on Planet Cazmo

3 04 2009

EDIT: Like Jim said below, Planet Cazmo is Upgrading!

Hey Cazmos, Soccer here.

This week on planet cazmo,

NBA gear from your favorite team for your cazmo and your cazmo house will be available.

Cool items Like:



and More!


Also a new cazmo quiz will be come out next week as well.


I can’t way for the New Jerseys. I like basketball almost has much Soccer 🙂


Comment who your favorite NBA Teams are


What items might be available!


-Ambassador Soccer



Planet Cazmo Cheats Gang

23 03 2009

Hey Cazmos, Soccer here.

Now you can be a part of this site!

Just go to the planet cazmo cheats gang sign up page located on the sidebar to the left.


You can then view the (pccg) planet cazmo cheats gang, members page.


All the info and why you should sign up is on the page.

Click here to see the sign up page.


-Ambassador Soccer

Planet Cazmo 500 days Old Party

17 03 2009

Hey Cazmos, Soccer here.

I just checked my account info, and I turned 500 days old today! WOOT! 🙂

 I joined planet cazmo the second day of testing, November 3rd, 2007.

I’ll post the party info soon. I’ll invite everyone on my buddie list and make sure everyone is invited!


(This Post is Sticky)



Ambassador Soccer


Awesome Planet Cazmo Glitches

16 03 2009

Hey Guys, Soccer here.

I Just made a new cazmo video on some of the cool glitches planet cazmo has had since it was created. Theres millions of more, but I just put a few of my favorite in here.

Here’s the link to the video

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Awesome Planet Cazmo Glitches Video

Comment how you liked the video.

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Planet Cazmo Cadets

14 03 2009


Hey Guys. Soccer here. I’m back from the party. I had a great time. Anyway,

You can now be a cazmo cadet. You have to take a short quiz and get 9 out of 10 answers correct.


1.  To Get to the Cazmo Quiz, either click the cazmo cadet banner in the newspaper, or click it on the “whats cool section when you first log into planet cazmo.



Or choose the option below to get to the cazmo cadet quiz



2. You must be 30 days or older to take the quiz.


3. Click continue, and continue again.


4. Each time you take the quiz, the questions are in a different order. This makes it hard to make a guide, but i’ll try my best.

5. Now answer 9 out of 10 questions correctly, and you will get a cazmo cadet badge, outfit, and soon a phone.


Planet Cazmo Cadet Quiz Guide

( Note: The quiz questions and order changes each time you take it. This is the order I had mine. Here I will list 13 answers.)

1. Zibs are Evil Aliens: FALSE

2. There is an offical Planet Cazmo channel on Youtube: TRUE

3. Dr. Franken Body Sells Skateboards: FALSE

4. You Can earn Cazmo Coins by working out in the Fitness Center: TRUE

5. Backstage Newt cells Sunglasses: FALSE

6.Torgo is a moderator on Planet Cazmo: TRUE!!!!

7. Peter Panda is the bartender at the Cazmo Club: FALSE

8. The FAQ ( Frequently Asked Questions) Sign is in the space port: FALSE

9. You can buy Space Ships with cazmo cash in the Vehicle Shop: TRUE

10.  You can Sign up to be Cazmo of The Week in the Cazmo Diner: FALSE

11. Members Get Free Cazmo Cash and Cazmo Coins Every Month: TRUE

12. You can contact a moderator by clicking on the red “M” in the upper right corner of the screen: TRUE

13. Smudgy Works in the Garage: TRUE

If you get these any of questions and use these answers you will get all 10 cazmo cadet quiz questions right and you will receive the cazmo cadet badge and cazmo cadet uniform.

You will also receive a cazmo cadet cell phone soon.

The Cazmo Cadet Uniform is located in the costume inventory.

Planet Cazmo Cadet Rules




Also, you can now put your player card  on to your blog from the newspaper.

Just copy the code and paste it on blogs, forums, etc.


I will make a guide soon.






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Planet Cazmo Cadets Coming Soon

13 03 2009


Hey Guys. Soccer here. My Computer is fixed now 🙂

Anyway in a few minutes, cazmo cadets will be here. Planet Cazmo is upgrading and that is what will be in the updates.


I will be at a party until 8:00 pm est. Time so if any admins are on please post about it.

Anyway, visit and join.

It’s A great site.



Planet Cazmo Cars and More!

7 03 2009

EDIT: See Jim’s Post below for pictures. Thanks Jim!

Hey Cazmos, Soccer here. I have had very bad virus and things on my computer the last five days. So I havent been able to go on it really. I got a virus that leeches on and blocks every website you go to. It also blocks almost all anti-virus and other programs from running.

So…… I’m going to get it fixed and I should be back around Monday or Tuesday. Until then I’ll be on my ipod touch.

Right now I’m posting from my mom’s computer.



The Planet Cazmo Updates are pretty cool. I don’t think I can get any pictures because of the problem.

1. There are New Planet Cazmo Cars. To buy them visit the shops icon on the chat bar, or visit the garage, go inside, and talk to the guy in there.

2. There’s a new Planet Cazmo News Paper.

3. There are new planet cazmo  hats and other clothing. Visit the hair and hat shop to buy the new hats and the clothing shop for the new pants and other clothing.

4. Theres a new place on the map called THE STRIP. You drive the new cars here.

Thats all the updates I think. Thanks Halogirl for telling me whats new.

The Posts will be alot better once my computer is fixed.

Until then,

Have Fun in Planet Cazmo,


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Planet Cazmo Commercial

28 02 2009

Hey Guys, Soccer here.

Planet Cazmo Has a made a cool Commerical. Check it out!

Offical Planet Cazmo Commercial


It’s a pretty cool video. Well, check back for the latest planet cazmo news!


-Ambassador Soccer


New Domain Name

25 02 2009

Hey Cazmos, Soccer here.

I just got a new domain name which means, you can get to this site another way.

You can get to this site by visiting:


Thats all for now.

More New Coming Soon!

-Ambassador Soccer