Planet Cazmo Cars and More!

7 03 2009

EDIT: See Jim’s Post below for pictures. Thanks Jim!

Hey Cazmos, Soccer here. I have had very bad virus and things on my computer the last five days. So I havent been able to go on it really. I got a virus that leeches on and blocks every website you go to. It also blocks almost all anti-virus and other programs from running.

So…… I’m going to get it fixed and I should be back around Monday or Tuesday. Until then I’ll be on my ipod touch.

Right now I’m posting from my mom’s computer.



The Planet Cazmo Updates are pretty cool. I don’t think I can get any pictures because of the problem.

1. There are New Planet Cazmo Cars. To buy them visit the shops icon on the chat bar, or visit the garage, go inside, and talk to the guy in there.

2. There’s a new Planet Cazmo News Paper.

3. There are new planet cazmo  hats and other clothing. Visit the hair and hat shop to buy the new hats and the clothing shop for the new pants and other clothing.

4. Theres a new place on the map called THE STRIP. You drive the new cars here.

Thats all the updates I think. Thanks Halogirl for telling me whats new.

The Posts will be alot better once my computer is fixed.

Until then,

Have Fun in Planet Cazmo,


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-Ambassador Soccer



Awesome Planet Cazmo Updates

20 02 2009

Hey Cazmos. Soccer here.

The Updates today were very good.


First, The Planet Cazmo Badges are Here! There so Cool. I’m still not sure how to get the cpc badge, I guess it isn’t possible yet. The guy at the town hall said we may need you again, so thats the reason why most likely.



New Planet Cazmo Pet Features are here!

( I think they are from the last update, )

Pet Toys


Pet Accessories



New Front Page of Newspaper

Jeff and Torgo are rescued At Last!



Finish the Save the Mods Quest

Go to the town square.


Then, talk to the Zib guy whos eating a donut and getting fat.

Jeff and Torgo are there and are dancing around.

He will try to tell you whats happens.

He then lets you see a youtube video on what happened, torgos catfish did something amazing. ( It makes a great funny pic if you take it in time.)



For your reward, you get a rare poster.

Thats all for now.


Please  Tell me, your favorite one, and how long you have been waiting for them. And what party item is your favorite.

Ambassador Soccer,





Breaking Planet Cazmo News

20 02 2009

EDIT: PLanet Cazmo is done updating! Updates coming Soon!

Hey guys. Soccer here. We have two NEW, ( I love that word) things coming to planet cazmo!

First, BADGES are Coming to Planet Cazmo!



Next, We have a Sneek Peek of, THROW YOUR OWN PARTY!






I have waited SOOOO long for badges to come. Orignally, ambassadors were going to have badges, but instead we got cool hats. Now, from the picture, we are going to get BOTH! PLANET CAZMO IS THE BEST!

Then, they were nice enough to give us a sneek peek of some of the items you can have in your party.

Please  Tell me, your favorite one, and how long you have been waiting for them. And what party item is your favorite.

Ambassador Soccer,


Planet Cazmo Directory

16 02 2009


Hey Guys. Soccer here.
I have made something really cool. I made a planet cazmo directory. This site will help every cazmo blog get hits and get noticed. You must have alot of questions. I’ll explain the best I can.
It’s a very basic site, but it should work. What you do is you visit the sign up page, and click all the links that are already there. I have a way in the dashboards to see if people are clicking the links or not. If they do, I can see, and they will be added to the directory.
The more members, the more hits everyone will get. It will help smaller cazmo blogs get noticed.
I am also making a page where I can put your banners, so that page will be a visual directory.
Each day come and click the links and banners to visit the sites, and the other cazmos will do the same.
If enough people sign up, everyone could get alot of hits. This is a wordpress blog, and rather simple design. It’s in beta, so I’m still testing everything.
I know you still have alot of questions.
Visit the site and comment on the about page if you have any questions.
Comment here as well.
Thank You
Ambassador Soccer


Secret Valentine’s Day Party

13 02 2009

Hey Cazmos. There is a Secret Valentine’s day Party this Saturday. You should have gotten the planet cazmo news letter in your email a short while ago. It has all the info.  Here it is below.
Monthly Newsletter



Saturday February 14th!!!

We are having a SPECIAL Valentine’s Day Party with our friend Mimo! But this is no ordinary party …. it’s a SECRET PARTY!!!
SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS! The party is in a secret location. How do you find it?
1. At the time below go to the BEATSTREET server.
2. Then go to CLUB CAZMO.
3. Now talk to “Bouncing Bill.”(pictured below)



4. He will give you instructions on how to begin a special MIMO QUEST!
5. Solve the Mimo Quest and get special prizes! You will also find out the secret location of the Mimo Valentine’s Day Party!

Key Facts:

WHEN: Saturday, February 14th 2 PM – 5 PM EST, 1 PM – 4 PM, CST 11 AM – 2 PM PST. Mimo and others will be waiting for you!

WHERE: Beatstreet Server (talk to Bouncing Bill!)
WHY?: Cuz it’s going to be fun!!!


Valentine’s Day is here!

Decorate your homes with these great new Valentine’s Day house items! And now for the first time EVER for home items … go sit on them! Yup!!!


New Valentine’s Day Clothes  – Dress up and hit the town in style!



New Pet … and, new pet features!
Grooming: Now all pets can be pet! Check it out!
Fetch: And yes, your pets will play fetch now, just look out, most eat the ball!

The Razor Pony is here!


Home Dimension: Vantia 8
Favorite ice resurfacer: Zamboni
Allergic to: Fantasy Football
You can pet their tail, or stroke their nose, but stay away from that 
mane!  It’s razor sharp! Razor Ponies have an infectious giggle and 
love black-and-white TV Shows.


As always – Spread The World!
Planet Cazmo
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Thats it for now.


-Soccer (Owner of the site)

New Cazmo Of The Week

20 01 2009

Hey Cazmos. I’M BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Yeah, it’s Soccer. I’m back from a ….. secret…….. long………… break………… Anyway, I would like to thank all my authors, Jim, Spiros, Markus, and Wyse for posting while I was away.I’m back and ready to post, I think.

There is a new cazmo of the week, and his name is……. MikeX

Congratz MikeX!!!!

In Other News,

Pets are coming soon, there has been new shoes for a while, theres a new way to pay for membership and cazmo cash, and now planet cazmo is giving gifts!

Theres alot more happening, I just need to catch up.


Thank You


(Owner of Planet Cazmo Cheats Dot Net

Breaking Planet Cazmo News

3 12 2008

Hey guys. Just a little while ago I was able to recieve a sneak peek of the Natasha Bedding Field Concert. I will also put it on the sidebar. The Concert starts December 6th 2:00 PM EST on Planet Cazmo . Show will play every hour on the hour until 9:00 PM.

              ~Ambassador Soccer~