BIG Planet Cazmo News

13 12 2008


Hey cazmos. As you noticed in headline, planet cazmo  is now out of beta. Many updates came with it as well.


The Clique Girls Concert is coming soon

The Movie Theatre is here, and you choose a category like comedy, and choose from the movies.

A Free hat located in the town square, bottom left of town square.

New cool hat/hair items. Many cazmo coin hats, and cool cazmo cash christams heads.

BETA IS OVER! There is a second beta hat, the green elf hat.

Now you can get to the real life planet cazmo shops while inside the game!

Pets are coming Soon! There’s lots of cool things ahead!

Now for the pictures:

There’s a new newspaper that talks about upcoming concert and planet cazmo being out of beta.



The Second beta hat, a Green Elf Hat!



Now you can reach real life planet cazmo stores right in the game. Zazzle Shop is for real life skaboards, a great holiday Gift! The Second is basically a planet cazmo gift shop, with all types of things like shirts, backpacks, sweatshirts/jackets, and more!



The next Planet Cazmo Concert is getting ready to begin.



There’s new items like Santa hats, and Christams HEAD THINGS LOL! My favorite is the gingerbread man, because we played a game where a few people chase and try to eat me while im wearing it, LOL!



The Movie Theatre is Now Open, and you choose a category, and select  a movie. It’s pretty cool!

~Pic Coming Soon~


The Free item is a hat that’s located it the bottom left corner of the town square.

~Pic Coming Soon~ 



In other news, I wonder what happed to the skate park that was supposed to come. Any ideas? Please comment below about anything you want discuss about planet cazmo.

And, In the future we look forward to………


a Skate Shop maybe………..

Members Ownly areas

Lots of Concert

New Games, Areas,

And Lots, Lots More!


So, comment below anything you want to talk about. An author or I will reply as soon as possible. And finally, I’m probably going to get a second domain name, and it will be a .com. Thats all for now.


Keep Visiting

~Ambassador Soccer!