A Cool Mod Sneak Peak!

2 10 2009

 I had a good mind to post the updates in this post today, but I noticed that other bloggers on this blog have mostly covered up all I had to say. Therefore, I cut out the updates in this post.

Today when I was online, I managed to see a MC Sigmond; a Planet Cazmo moderator! He was nice enough to give me this gift. I believe the gift’s name was Football Sneaks. I won’t show a picture of it since it isn’t a new item, but it is still very special to me, because it doesen’t matter what item he gave me, what matters is that he did. I am very thank full to him for this today. I rarely get a Mod Gift. Thanks MC. I also managed to get some upcoming events from him. He said tomorrow updates will be coming for sure, and it will just be the beginning! He said things are about to get spooky around Planet Cazmo! – Ooh!!! What’s gonna be happening? I guess we will just have to wait. Also, I couldn’t get a picture of him since I was a bit busy when he came.


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13 07 2009

Hey guys this is Jimbercane posting. I have some great news for you all today. So I was online, and went to the Beach, and guess who I found?! JEFF AND TORGO THE 2 MODS!!! They are already on my buddy list, because when beta testing was going on, Mods could be your friend. Here are some pictures of them:




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Updates Come To Planet Cazmo! (SOCCER & YORK PLEASE READ!!!)

28 03 2009

Soccer posted all the updates that he knew, but Soccer there are a couple more of them whch I included in the post. Also, York remember when you were chatting with me on IM? Well, the person who said Do I Know you was my friend. You see I went down to get a drink, and he was left alone upstairs, so he was joking around by saying that. I then called him downtairs, because we were going ot the park with our parents, and he told me about this over there. I really appologize.

There are some really cool updates that just came to Planet Cazmo. Let me start off with the Mod Quiz. Yup! That’s right! You could now take the Mod quiz (Which is in the newspaper) to see which mod you are like!

Next, you could buy a new car. To get this car, go to the Vehicles Shop. (The Vehicles Shop could be accessed by clicking on the shopping bag icon your chatbar; after doing so you have to click on Vehicles Shop.)

Also now The Strip’s name has changed. It is now called Cruizton City.

There are 2 new hats you could buy from the Hair Shop. (To access the Hair Shop, first click on the shopping bag icon on your chatbar, and then on Hair Shop.)

There is also 1 new pant that you could buy from the Clothing Shop.

And, I don’t know if I posted about this before, but I think there are new shoes.

Finally, there is a new Race Track that could be accesed by clicking on Cruiziton City.


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I Got A Gift From A Mod (You Can Get One Too Just Read)

8 03 2009

Today when I was on Planet Cazmo, a warning message popped up saying Dude I meant to do this to you earlier but you left the room. I clicked ok, then another message popped up. This is how it looked like:


So, if you barely have enough money to buy stuff, and you suck at playing the mini games, then all you have to is be kind. Know why? Well, if your kind a mod gives a gift to you!

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21 02 2009

Hey guys, I was looking around in my invetory to wear something different, when all of a sudden I found a Snowman -Green hat! I know that a mod gave it to me, because it did’t come with any quest, and I never bought it. I most probably got it, because the last couple of days I was being really nice to Cazmos. And just incase your wondering, yes, if your nice a mod does give an item to you.


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A New Item In My Invetory!

15 02 2009

Hey guys, this is Jimbercane posting again. When I was looking in my invetory today, I found a new shirt! It was called the White Tee! I don’t know if this is a glitch or what, but if it is not, that means a mod gave me this item since I was behaving myself on Planet Cazmo!

That’s right! If this is not a glitch, then a mod could have only given this item to me since I behaved! So remember; the next time you behave, a mod will give you an item!


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Bigdwag Naked & Current Invetory Category For Cazmo Phone Skin Colors

18 01 2009

Today when I was on, I noticed that the Cazmo Phone Skin Color that I bought was in a certain invetory category. I don’t know what it’s name is, so I’ll just say that it’s the category outlined in the picture below.

Also today when I saw Bigdawg’s playercard, I noticed he was naked! I don’t if it is a glitch or what, but it’s really funny!! (I am so sorry bigdawg, but I can’t resist!)


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Cazmo Phones Are Here!!

17 11 2008

Woot hey Cazmos!!

Wolfz here!!

I’m at home today, because I’m sick, and I just logged onto PC and discovered the phones are out!!

It’s fun to text, but you can only text buddies that are online.

My only buddy online right now is SOS, so I texted him right away!!

Well Cya On PC!!



Two New Glitches Discovered

20 09 2008

Hey guys. Soccer here. I found 2 new glitches at the beach today. I put how to do them in the cheats and glitches page. The first glitch is one on one one of the islands. There’s a rock that’s partly in the water. You click on the rock like you are trying to get in the water, and then you get inside of the rock. The water is also rippling around you just like if u are in the water. Its kind of like a rock bath.

The second one is alot more simple. You just get behind a rock and it covers your name.