Pets came and new shoes!

30 01 2009

Hello cazmos,

The pets we all have been waiting for them are finnaly here!YES YOU HEARD WELL the pets are here!!!!Go to pet shop and buy one pet egg now,also don’t forget to buy and the supplies to feed your pet!


Also there are new shoes, check them at clothing shop they are awesome! Here is a picture of the new and cool shoes:


-Your friend ร ק เ г ๏ ร

let it rock-kevin rudolf music video by Spiros

21 01 2009

Hello cazmos,

As you know from the latest posts, I have made a youtube channel for planetcazmo and that a new video is coming soon…The video I promised to you to come is here, and it’s a music video called let it rock by kevin rudolf(planetcazmo version) I said to some cazmos before some days that the music video was uploading and it’s true but the quality of the video wasn’t nice ,i fixed it and I uploaded it again.

Here is my first video in the youtube channel betacazmo:

If your a member of youtube don’t forget to rate , subscribe and feel free to comment what do you think about my music video 🙂

-Your friend ร ק เ г ๏ ร

Zibs arrived at the Town Hall+an underworld sneak peak

13 01 2009

Hello cazmos,

The Zibs have arrived at the Town Hall today and we still wait some weeks so all the cazmos can notice the new quest and complete it and then the part 2 of the quest will begin! Here is a picture:


This sneak peak image has been out for a while but I thought ut would be nice if I shared it with all of you! We are going to be able to buy a submarine, go into the underwater world and play a new game that is coming! Go ahead post it in your site and give me a credit!

Here is the underworld sneak peak:


Also if you haven’t complete the new quest click here for the quest guide! Oh yea and my new channel for planet cazmo is ready to begin making videos, a new music video is on the way 🙂

-Your friend ร ק เ г ๏ ร!


4 01 2009


Spiros wishes for the new year 2009!

1 01 2009

My wishes for you in year 2009

Great start for Jan,

Love for Feb,

Peace for March,

No worries for April

Fun for May,

Joy for June to Nov,

Happiness for Dec,

Have a lucky and wonderful 2009!!!

PS: AND FOR A HAPPIER YEAR WITH MANY LAUGHS VISIT:!!! Pass this on your site or in your forum and help to forward the first ever new year’s funny pictures 2009 video!

With LOVE Spiros!

30 12 2008

Hello cazmos,

Planetcazmo changed their background to a background with purple flowers.

I just made a poll, vote please:

~ Your friend ร ק เ г ๏ ร ~

The new christmas costumes are here!

19 12 2008

Hello cazmos,Spiros is here

The christmas costumes  are here!!! Go to the costumes shop and buy your favourite costume. My favourite is Santa Clause’s costume, this is what I am wearing now.


Note: Now it’s harder to get cazmo coins!

thats all for now, see you in planetcazmo

Your friend ร ק เ г ๏ ร

Cazmo of the week

11 12 2008

Hello cazmos,Spiros is here

The 17th cazmo of the week picked by Planet Cazmo is……………Tannerlejord

So If you see him say:Congratz Tannerlejord for being the 17th cazmo of the week!


thats all for now, see you in planetcazmo

Your friend ร ק เ г ๏ ร

Natasha Bedingfield’s concert

7 12 2008

Hello cazmos,Spiros is here

The Natasha Bedingfield’s concert was very cool!Natasha Bedingfield was standing with tow womans and she was singing,dancing and also she pointed at us!I liked the concert so much, what about you? Did you like the second planet cazmo concert?

Here is a picture If you miss the Natasha Bedingfield concert:


Also a new show will start tomorrow so If you want to see the concert again you have a chance!

Thats all for now, see you in Planet Cazmo

Your friend ร ק เ г ๏ ร

Natasha Bedingfield in a Cazmo Concert

3 12 2008

Hello cazmos,Spiros is here

This Saturday, December 6th Natasha Bedingfield will be in a Cazmo Concert in cazmo arena!As I had heard from the Chief Ambassador the concert will be awesome!

Here is a sneek peek:


Thats all for now, see you in planetcazmo

Your friend ร ק เ г ๏ ร