New Cazmos

3 06 2010

I personally don’t like them… how ’bout you?



8 responses

5 06 2010

they look kinda weird

5 06 2010
x Dude x

i agree the are weird

8 06 2010

they are alright not the best but okay if they put these new cazmos up on pc i will still play it but will be a little upset

12 06 2010

I miss the old days when there wasent soo many updates everything was just calm and not hectic.

27 06 2010

I like em. they look more realistic. why dont they have them now??

1 07 2010

where did u get a pick of them

8 07 2010

UGH!!! I like my chacter so i’m probably not gonna like these

10 07 2010

I agree too. weird O.O

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