Upcoming Concerts

23 05 2010

Hey guys tape here and today I was searching through the cazmo newspaper and there is now a section telling you upcoming concerts! So here are the next concerts to be played on cazmo!
Vita Chambers
Keviin Rudolph
They all sound like great up anc oming artists/bands and i bet there concerts will be amazing.

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new vid

22 05 2010

Hey guys tape here and today I launced a preview of my new ” hit to be” series (hopefully) and here is the link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BhGy5m86Ve4
I havent thought of a name for the series yet so watch the video and comment on this post or the video with a suggestion. Here is my youtube for other vids to look at

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new video

18 05 2010

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lgva2TkfTrk buddy list video.. if it gets to 30 comments cc contest


new homepage

17 05 2010

Hey guys its tape here and today cazmo updated there homepage!! personally im not a big fan of it but heres what it looks like

Its actually a really bad home page in my opinion… the only way to log is by clicking the news scrolling beside the planet cazmo sign and its sort of has nothing to do with the game but hope you guys like it.. comment with what you think of it!!

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13 05 2010


13 05 2010

Mod interview!!!

13 05 2010

Hey guys its tape here and I just did my inteview with MC Sigmund andm it went great!! Here is a sneak peak before the video goes up!!

Catch the video on my youtube http://www.youtube.com/hey1509andstreaker22


Help my friend win an Ipad!

9 05 2010

Everyone please help my good friend win and Ipad by going here and then clicking the thumbs up!


Click this thumbs up button:

Please Tweet and post about it, it would be much appreciated!


New Video

4 05 2010

Hey guys its tape and today me and juicebox have released another music video here is the link to the vid and our youtube

Check it out rate and comment


new pvmv!!

2 05 2010

Hey guys its tape here and I have released a new pcmv featuring me and juicebox, check it out by going to our youtube http://www.youtube.com/hey1509andstreaker22 or by simply clicking or copying and pasting this link into your adress bar! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8b_fmkr4Ge0
Also if the video gets 50 comments on it by the end of the week then there will be a cc contest on my site… and it will be for a good ammount of cc!

~ tape http://www.planetcazmocool.wordpress.com