Jason Castro’s Upcoming Encore Concerts & Taylor Swift Video Party This Weekend!

17 03 2010

Hey guys this is Jimbercane posting. Today when I was on Planet Cazmo’s Log-In Page, I found that the banner on the top was updated. It now gave information about Jason Castro’s upcoming concerts in Planet Cazmo this week. Here it is:

When I checked their YouTube Profile, I also found a new video based on the same topic to promote this event. Here it is:

Finally, I was on today when I was on Planet Cazmo’s Twitter Profile, I found that they made a new tweet. The tweet was about a video party which is going to be held this weekend, and Taylor Swift will be part of it! I can’t wait for all of these upcoming events, especially Jason Castro’s upcoming Encore Concerts, because if you didn’t get that Jason Castro Concert Ticket, here is your final chance!


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