New Hot Deals New Multiplayer Gachute’s Final Concerts Are Today!

6 03 2010

Hey guys this is Jimbercane posting. The title of this post basically says what you will be reading today, so lets get started. First off all there are some new Hot Deals. To buy them, first click on the Newspaper Icon on your Chatbar or your Mini-Chatbar. (Your Mini-Chatbar is visible right when you log on to Planet Cazmo.) Next, click on the Hot Deals section on the left, and now the new Hot Deals should be visible! (They are the ones in the bottom section.) Hover over waht you like and click on it to buy it! If you can afford it (Unlike me.) I suggest you definetely buy it since it is a limited time offer!

Next, there is a new Multiplayer Game! To play it, first click on the Map Icon on your Chatbar. Then click on the location on your Map called Playground. When you click on this location, you will notice that there will be 3 locations that you could go to which are located in the Playground; You have to select the middle one.

After you are there, click on the ramp which is outlined in the picture below, and then you will be asked if you would like ot play the game or not. Select ‘Yes’, and you will start the game! The objective of the game, is to do tricks on the ramps. In return for doing the tricks you will earn points, and the one with the most points wins and gets more money than someone in a lower position than him/her.

Finally, today is the last day that the band Prachute will be performing in Planet Cazmo. They will start at 12 in the afternoon and end at 12 midnight. They will play once every hour. This is your last chance to get that Prachute Concert Ticket, so I would watch them perform if I were you. Also, if you still don’t have the Parachute VIP Backastage Pass, look at the post below named ‘Friday’s Updates Are Here!’.

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