Valentines Has Struck In Planet Cazmo!

5 02 2010

Hey guys this is Jimbercane posting. There are a couple of updates that came today, and I am very happy to say that Planet Cazmo is celebrating every occasion, including Valtentines! First off all, Ginormous Ridonkulous has debuted in Planet Cazmo with his show, with guest stars Souleo, Black Wolf, and Kate Voegelle! To view the show, just click on the What’s New Button on your Chatbar, and then on Ginormous Show.

Next, Planet Cazmo has tightned it’s secruity. I was logging on today, and it asked me some personal questions, just incase my account gets hacked. Here are some of the default questions:

Next, today when I was on Planet Cazmo’s Log-In Page, I noticed that the banner on top had changed. It now gave information on the dates and timings Savannah Outlet will be performing in Planet Cazmo! Here it is!:

Next, there are some new Hot Deals. To buy them, first click on the Newspaper Icon on your Chatbar or your Mini-Chatbar. (Your Mini-Chatbar is visible right when you log on to Planet Cazmo.) After that, click on the Hot Deals section in the Newspaper. Hover over what you like and click on it to buy it.

Finally, the weather has changed to ‘Lovely’ because of Valentines! Log on Planet Cazmo to see the little decorations!

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