24 01 2010

Hello cazmos!

I am going to create a cazmo graphic site! You may be wondering what PCGC stands for. Well… Planet Cazmo Graphic Center! I will need willing cazmo helpers to take part in this new blog for loads of graphics! There will be a graphic maker of the week and many awards for great graphics! Also, at the end of the year, there will be awards for the best header of the year and best buttons ect. You dont want to miss out on this opportunity of being a… PlanetCazmoGraphicMaker!!! All you need to do to get in is comment on this post saying what type of graphic you want to make! If there is no room left, I will have to say no to that job however I will concider letting you do another job!!!

I hope this will be a massive success and join now!

But! Do not comment here otherwise you won’t be in it. You have to comment at and hopefully you will get a job!

~PCAP Smashaz