New Cazmo Of The Week & New Skates Coming Out This Week!

19 01 2010

Hey guys this is Jimbercane posting. There is another (Yet again…) reason why I posted late. This time it’s out of the box from the answers I normally give; This time it’s because I am moving. Yes you heard right! And therefore I am helping my dad alot these days. Anyways, there is a new Cazmo Of The Week and her name is skinnybones! Congratulations skinny!

Finally, skates are coming out this week!

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40 Cazmos Cash Contest!!!

19 01 2010

Hey Cazmos! Yep Its Contest Time Again!!! Thanks For All Your Awsome Visits!!!!

Ok Here Are The Details…… It Will Be A Commenting Contest…..

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Rules Are:

*Numbers Are Aloud But Dont Cheat By going 37…….569 You Will Be Disquallified.

* You May Only Comment Stuff About Cazmo

The Winner Will Recieve An Instant 40 Cazmo Cash!

This Will End Next Monday So Get Commenting NOW!!!!

Good Luck!