17 01 2010

Hey guys its tape and today when I logged on to cazmo I found two really odd glitches. The first one was like this,

I have never seen somebody ride a surfboard in the town square..? But eventually when the player moved the surf board dissapeared. Here is the second glitch

This may look like a normal player card to you guys but if you look closely at the order of the badges they are really messed up. Here is what a normal player card with same badges should look like.

Cazmo cadet and cazmo planetary should be near the bottom not the top. But thats all for now. I will post about any more glitches as soon as I can.




4 responses

17 01 2010

hey i found the badge one before anybody lol so i think i deserve the credit telling some people and i think i told u im not sure lol

-daballer PCAP #31

18 01 2010
Tyler H

lol thats me I think I found out how to do that glitch on the ice to the town

~Tyler H~

19 01 2010

lol daballer you werent even on when i found it lol so i dont think u told me

19 01 2010

THATS ME! Wah my name is crosed (XP)

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