tapes updates

16 01 2010

Hey guys its tape here and as you all know now all ambassadors can give gifts to deserving cazmos. I have found some of the stuff you don’t know about it just yet so here are those thhings.

1. [my favourite of them all] For mainly all you othr ambassadors out there you can actually give gifts to yourselves!! Just click your player card and click the give gift button

2. this is what pops up after you have given out all your gifts.

3. When you give a gift it doesnt show who its from or what it is, Just the normal gift reward thing shows up.

And in other news the kate voegele concert just ended so get yor autograph and ticket before she leaves!! Also now this show sup after and before concerts when your at the cazmo arena

Thats all for now but keep checking back for new updates!!! At http://planetcazmocool.wordpress.com




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