Friday’s Updates Are Here!

8 01 2010

Hey guys this is Jimbercane posting. Before you continue reading this post, I would like to tell you something. Today when I was on Planet Cazmo, I got this offer from a Cazmo named beta something. I seem to have forgotten his last name, but I still remember his first one, so let’s move on. He gave me an offer to work on his blog, and I unfortunately said no. Then he started to tell me about his life problems on how he always gets kicked around. First I thought he was getting bullied in real life, but it turned out, he got effected by cyberbullying. There are many things he said that I cannot mention here, but most of this post is dedicated to him. Beta, please don’t cut yourself. (At least you told me you did, but you sounded serious when you said it even though I have my doubts about it, either ways I don’t care, please don’t even think about doing it.) Everyone has there ups and downs in life, and if everyone got everything, then life wouldn’t really be fun. Why even get effected by cyberbullying? If someone says cyberbullies you, just tell them that it is a cowardly way of saying things, since they are not telling it to you face to face, and then ignore them if they continue. You also need to understand, that I am very busy. I have homework almost everyday, and I try my best to finish it at a certain time, 5 o’clock, and I do my computer time before that. Many people have given me offers to work on their blogs, but I can only post on two because of my limited time. I don’t even post on the others. This should tell you that I am really busy. I hope you get some more peer help, and please cheer up! Life isn’t bad, it’s just fair! 😉 Anyways, enough of this descussion. Let us all cheer up now, because I know your mood turned down after you read my story about beta. The title of the post shows there are some updates, so let’s begin. First off all, the Find Button on the My Buddies Playercard, is now written like it was before.

Next, Lake Cazmo is now frozen! You can go on the ice, but you cannot buy skating shoes yet, they are still in the making! One thing that I don’t like about this update, is that when you go on the ice, your Cazmo walks slow. That’s slows you down, especially when you are going to talk to some Cazmos or discover the room a bit more.

The next update has to do with the Moderator mini-selection page. Now, the title of this mini-selection page, is not where it usually is; It is flying up at the top!

Also, if you look at the Front Page of the Newspaper, at the top it will show all of the Contest Winners! Congratulations once again to all of them! Finally, I would like to point something else out which is in the Newspaper. In the bottom it basically says that this is the last week to get your rare M’iqmaks, so buy them right away!

Finally, I was on Planet Cazmo’s Twitter Profile, and I noticed they said that next week Ambassadors will be able to give away 3 gifts a day! They also said, that next week Ginormous Ridonkulous will be debuting with his show on Planet Cazmo, with Black Wolf and Souleo! I can’t wait for these two updates! Black Wolf is a great friend of mine, and I wish he gets as many views I have, and more really really really soon! He deserves it! Congratulations BW! Your the first Cazmo that Ginormous will interview! I am very happy for you!

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