Kate Voegele Free Virtual Concert Comming Soon!

5 01 2010

Hey Cazmos. More Great News!!!Planet Cazmo Have Annoucned The Next FREE Virtual Concert Which Is Comming To Town This Will Be On The 15th-16th of January Which Is Next Week!

Are You Comming???

~Ambassador 7 ronaldo27

~Planet Cazmo Expert.com MAIN OWNER

Loads of updates…and Sneak Peak!

5 01 2010

Hey guys… It’s me Smashaz here and cazmo updated immensely today! Well first of all, the main notice on the front of the news paper is a reminder that the best room contest ends soon! Heres the notice!!!

Now, there is a new concert coming up! Its someone I havent heard of before so maybe she will suprise me. Her name is… Um. Well here is the image with her name on!

Thats her name! Anyway, last of the updates. Get your reindeers now! This is the last period of time you can buy the colourful reindeers! They are on sale so get yours now!

Finally, there iz a new Sneak peak! Lake cazmo is going to be getting icy!!! Check this pic of what t might look like!

Hmmm I wonder!!!


Lake Cazmo

5 01 2010

Hey guys this is tape and I have some great news. Today planet cazmo gave out a little secret that I would like to share with you. Lake cazmo is freezing over!!! Plus we may be able to skate on it soon!!!! I cant believe planet cazmo did this. What a great idea!! I cant wait to see when it freezes over and what it looks like plus what will we sue to skate on it?? Hopefully skates [ they’ll look good on my cazmo ] COmment with what you think of this great news.