Ginormous Ridonkulous Quest!

24 12 2009

┬áTo start this quest, first click on the Map Icon on your Chatbar. After clicking on it, click on the location on your Map called Downtown, and then on the final one called Downtown. After you are there, go down to the Pet Shop, and speak to Ginormous Ridonkulous, and select the option ‘Why Yes! I would!’ After doing this, you will officially start this quest!

The first Clone is in the top left hand corner of the Town Square next to the snowman.

The next Clone is in the top left hand corner of Lake Cazmo next to a tree.

The next Clone is inside the Garage.

The next Clone is in the following location in the Beach:

It is in the top left hand corner of the Beach behind a tree.

The final Clone is in the Space Port.

After finding all of the clones, go back and speak to the main Ginromous Ridonkulous in near the Pet Shop in the Downtown for your reward! Your reward will be, 1. Getting enrolled in a chance for an interview with Ginormous Ridonkulous on his famous upcoming TV Show. 2. Getting some money!

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24 12 2009

Hey guys its tape and I have great news. I have gotten into silver circle ambassadors!!! This is the second elite group of ambassadors [next to gold] that get special gifts and privaleges for there hard work. Thank you all for supporting me along the way and congratulations to everybody that got into gold and silver circles of ambassadors. Check out the post below for details and a guide to the newest quest.