New updates including new pets!

23 12 2009

Hey Cazmos Pc updated today with some AWSOME new pets!!! Well they are the same type  but in different colours which is pretty cool!!

They cost 40 cazmo cash for non members and 2o cazmo cash for members!

Pc also added some cool new membership discounts which only last until the new year So you better get one before its too late :P

~Ambassador 7 ronaldo27

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A Mini-Preview Of Today’s Upcoming Updates!

23 12 2009

Hey guys this is Jimbercane posting. Today when I was on Planet Cazmo’s Twitter Profile, I noticed they said that today, there will be new Mikmak’s coming, and some other cool updates! (Mikmak is the Alien Reindeer Pet I think.) I can’t wait! I will keep you updated on this guys!

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Small Update

23 12 2009

Hey cazmos! Today while I was checking updates at my house I saw some festive things for sale! I loved the things so much I decided to decorate my house with Christmassy things!!! There were some other cc things which I couldn’t buy! I found it out in the newspaper and this is what you would see.

If you buy most of the things, it will come up like this, however there is an igloo which you will see at town and also an ice cube which you will also see at the town! Check the things I brought out!

Check out the rockin’ crib!!! Do you like it? Anyway, thats all for now!