11 day of cazmo quest guide!!!

16 12 2009

Here is the guide for the 11 of the 12 days of cazmo!!!Hasnt it gone fast??

1.First of head down to the vip as usual,Then talk to mason he will tell you hes lost a car can you help Him????

2. The car is located at the beach volley ball court!!!

3. Once you have collected this go back to the vip area and collect your prize!!

Y0u can now use it to decorate your house!!! cool huh?

>Ambassador 7 ronaldo27


16 12 2009

Hey cazmos. As you may know, recently I have started posting updates on Soccers awsome blog! Well, I have just checked through a few of the older posts up to the new ones and realised Jimbercane has been updating you guys like mad! Now, me and 7ronaldo27 have joined in posting the updates. I know Rons updated in the past I’m just saying not as much as Jimbercane. Now, I was thinking, if maybe we could make a site for people that love updating about Planecazmo!!! The domain would be http://www.cazmoupdaters.wordpress.com or maybe an even cooler name! The people that will join will have to post regularly. However, before I design the site and get some workers in I need your approval that it is a good idea! It would really help me if you commented your thoughts about this. If we made it, it would be the best site ever…!

Thank you and please comment your thoughts.