12 days of cazmo! Day 9

14 12 2009

Hey cazmos! Today cazmo updated with Day nine of the 12 days of cazmo!!! Im here to update you with how to do it. Anyways, Day 9 is here and this is how you do it. First up, click the map icon which looks like this…

When you get to the map, click the cazmo-rena and click whatever colour area you want!

When you get there, move to the left and go up slightly. Then you will see a sign saying VIP area. Click the doors and make your way through you will then see Jeff and Torgo. Now click them and see what they have to say. After you have read it your player will come up like this. Click the first option to get started!!!

When you’ve done that, you have to find a fish in a fish tank! To find it go onto the icon ‘Map’ again and this time click downtown, then go to ‘Club Cazmo.’ Enter it. You will immediately see the fish tank with the fish in!

Sorry the image isn’t shown. Now, you visit back to the Cazmo Rena and back to the VIP area until you see Jeff and Torgo again. They will congratulate you and award you with your prize! Here it is…

Well done! You have recieved the fish tank for your house!!!

Now, I want to tell you why I’ve suddenly started doing updates for this fab site of soccers. Well one, I want to get more involved in Planet Cazmo and to look for updaes. Instead of Jimbercane doing all of the work why can’t I!?!? This was really fun making this post and I am going to continue making updates for my site, this and others. I hope you like the way I do my updates and please comment your thoughts!




3 responses

14 12 2009
Jimbercane (NotLogged In)

Lol, thanks man! You made my life easier!

14 12 2009
the killer 300

cool man!

15 12 2009
PCAP Smashaz

Ha ha! I just thought you are kinda realied on to do updates and well why can’t I try it? lol

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