12 Days Of Cazmo 8th Guide & A Little Update!

13 12 2009

Hey guys this is Jimbercane posting. First off all, I would like to give you all the reason of why I am posting so late these days. You see, where I live, the time had recently gotten changed from the original time in Planet Cazmo. (AKA USA time.) That is why, for example, when I wake up, it may already be 10 or 11 o’clock for you. Anyways, lets move on. The 8th event of The 12 Days Of Cazmo is here! To start it, first click on the Map Icon on your Chatbar. After doing so, click on the location on your Map, called Cazmo Rena. It doesen’t matter which Cazmo Ren you choose; Just select anyone.

After you are there, go to the VIP Backstage Area, which is somewhere in the top left hand corner of the room. The VIP Backstage Area is open to both members and non-members because of this event. Unfortunately, you don’t get any VIP Backstage Pass though. After you are there, go and speak to Jordin Sparks, and select the option ‘Sure I’d love to!’ After doing this, you will officially start event 8!

The Microphone is in the Downtown, near a house, behind the bush.

To view your prize, first click on the House Icon on your Chatbar or your Mini-Chatbar. (Your Mini-Chatbar is visible right when you log on to Planet Cazmo.) After doing so, you will see the types and categories of houses organized in a mini selection page. Click on the first category on the bottom, and then on the Decorate Button which is somewhere on the top right hand corner of the page.

After doing this, you will automatically be sent to your House. In your House, first click on the Interior Button on the left, and then on the Misc Tab. In the Misc Tab, you will find a number of items that you have as well as your current prize; the Microphone. Click on the Microphone, and place it anywhere in your House. After you are done placing it, click on the Finished Button, and visit your House by clicking on the House Icon on your Chatbar, then the first category on the bottom, and finally the Visit Button on the top left hand corner of the page. Inside your House, you will find the Microphone!

Finally, today when I was at the Gym, I noticed that the NPC there was gone!


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