12 Days Of Cazmo 4th Guide & A Thing I Forgot To Mention!

9 12 2009

Hey guys this is Jimbercane posting. The 4th event of 12 Days Of Cazmo is here! To start this event, first click on the Map Icon on your Chatbar. After doing so, click on the location Cazmo Rena. It doesen’t matter which Cazmo Rena you choose, just select anyone.

After you are in the Cazmo Rena, go to the VIP Backstage, and speak to Sean Kingston. Make sure you select the option ‘Sure I’d love to!’ After selecting this option, you will officially start event 4. The VIP Backstage Area is open to both members and non-members now, because of this event. Unfortunately, you don’t get any VIP Backstage Pass though.

The Jack In The Box is inside the Garage. The item is not visible, since I got it before taking the picture.

To view your prize, click on the House Icon on your Chatbar or your Mini-Chatbar. (Yor Mini-Chatbar is visible right when you log on to Planet Cazmo.) After you have clicked on it, the categories and types of houses should pop up, all organized in a mini selection page. Just click on the first category on the bottom, and then on the button called ‘Decorate’ on the top right.

After you have clicked the Decorate Button, you will go directly to your House. In your House, first click on the button on the left called Interior, and then on the tab called Misc. There you will find your Jack In The Box, as well as the other items that you have. Just click on the Jack In The Box, and place it anywhere in your house. After you are done, click on the Finished Button, and visit your House. Inside your House, you will find the Jack In The Box!

Also, in my previous post I forgot to mention about a little update. The update was the following: A countdown for the upcoming Toys For Tots event! It is visible in the Front Page of your Newspaper.

Fianlly, today when I was on Planet Cazmo’s Twitter Profile, I noticed that they mentioned about an upcoming update this week. This is what they stated: This week you will be able to display Instruments in your House, and everywhere else on Planet Cazmo plus much more! It sounds cool, especialy the ‘much more’ part! I Can’t wait!


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