12 Days Of Cazmo First Guide!

6 12 2009

Hey guys this is Jimbercane posting. Usually on weekends I post early, but today I couldn’t do so since I had gone swimming for a while. Anyways, lets move on. The big news for today, is that that the 12 Days Of Cazmo event has started!

To start this event, as soon as you log on, just go to he Cazmo Rena. (It doesen’t matter which Cazmo Rena you choose.)

After you are there, just go inside the VIP Backstage Area, which is somewhere in the top left hand corner of the room. Even non-members could go in there this time, because of this event! Unfortunately you don’t get a VIP Backstage Pass though. Anyways, after you are there, just go and speak to Jordin Sparks and select the option ‘Sure I’d love to!’ After you do this, you will officially start the event.

The Dancepad is in the Space Port.

The reward of this part of the event, is the Dancepad itself! To view your Dancepad, first click on the House Icon on your chatbar or your mini-chatbar. (The mini-chatbar, is the chatbar which is visible when you log into Planet Cazmo.)

After you click on this button, the house box will pop up. In the house box, make sure you select the category ‘My House’, in the bottom, and then on ‘Decorate’ on the right.

After clicking on it, you will go straight to your house. Now, click on ‘Interior’ on the left hand side, and then on the Misc Tab. You will find your Dancepad there. Now just click on your pad, and place it anywhere in your house!


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