Updates New Quest & Quest Guide & Allison Iraheta Concert Reminder!

5 12 2009

Hey guys this is Jimbercane posting. It should be pretty visible that there are some updates that I have to mention about, from the title of this post so lets begin. First off all, I would like to tell you that a holiday event will begin on this Sunday. (December 6th 2009.) I think it is Toys For Tots, and you will be able to win and collect lots of prizes!

Next, there is a new quest that you can do! To start it, first click on your Map Icon on your chatbar. After doing so, click on Downtown, and then on Club Cazmo.

After you are there, go and speak to Jeff and select the option ‘Sure What’s wrong?’. After doing this you will officially start the quest!

The first CD is inside the Garage.

The next CD is somewhere in the top right hand corner of the Town Square, behind a bush.

The next CD is somewhere in the top left hand corner of the Space Port.

The next CD is in the upper area of the Body Shop behind a couple of mushrooms.

The final CD is in the CD area of the Playground,somewhere in the bottom right hand corner. To get to the CD Area, first visit the Playground. After you are there, go up and you will see an arrow pointing upwards. Just go there, and you will enter the room!

After you are done getting all of the CD’s, go back and speak to Jeff. Your rewards are: A Purple Santa Costume, and an award stating that you completed this quest added to the My Awards section in your CazBook. To View your costume, first click on the My Stuff Icon on your chatbar.

After clicking on this, your invetory should be visible. Now just click on the body icon on the left hand corner, and your Purple Santa Costume should be visible as well as the other costumes you have!

To view your award, first click on your Cazmo. Doing this, will open his/her playercard. Now click on the button on the near top of your playercard called ‘My CazBook’.

After clicking on it, your CazBook should be open. Now just click on the My Awards section in your CazBook on the left hand side, and your award should be visible as well as some other awards for the other quests you have completed.

Now let me mention some other updates. One is, that there is a new game called Justin Bieber Dress Up. All you do in the game is just dress Justin up!

Also, today Allison Iraheta will be performing in Planet Cazmo! Once again, her shows will start at 7pm and end at 12 midnight. Make sure come and see her perform, because then you will get a free Allison Iraheta Concert Ticket added to your CazBook! If you are a member, go to the CazRox Cafe right now, and in the VIP Backstage Area. There, speak to Allison, and select the option ‘Can I have your autograph?’ After you do this, you will get her Backstage Pass!

To see your pass, click on your Cazmo, and then on ‘My CazBook on your Cazmo’s playercard. Doing this will open up your CazBook. Now just click on the category on the left hand side called ‘Backstage Passes’, and your pass should be visible as well as the others that you have gotten.


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2 responses

5 12 2009

my sister would love that justin beiber game

8 12 2009

i dont get it

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