Gold Circle Ambassadors Coming Soon & A Delay!

3 12 2009

Hey guys this is Jimbercane posting. First off all, I would like to apologize for posting the information on this post late. (Again.) The reason is the same; I have been busy with school work. But don’t worry. I will always post on this blog. Anyways lets move on so I could tell you a couple of things. First off all, one of the upcoming events in Planet Cazmo will be Gold Circle Ambassadors! These are Ambassadors, who are always working hard in the PCAP, and following the rules and other expectations of a Planet Cazmo Ambassador. They will have a higher authority then normal Ambassadors. I think this will be a good update, because some Ambassadors tend to get a bit unruley.

Also, Ginormous Ridonkulous was suppose to open his new Planet Cazmo TV show to public, but it got delayed since he got Swine Flu. From recent news, it is good to know that he has recovered, and the TV Show should be coming soon!

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