30 11 2009

Hey guys its tapewe are almost at 4000 hits on my blog so I will throw a huge party which I will be recording and giving away a good ammount of cazmo cash in. The party will be on Monday December 7th at the cazmo club in beatstreet 4:30 p.m est time which is 5:30 p.m pc time and for your specific time if its not est look it up on google dont ask me pelase:p. Comment on this post if you plan on going to this upcoming party so I will kno whow much cc to give away [ more people coming means more cc being given away.] Hope you can all make it


Christmas Is Here!(Again)

30 11 2009

Hey There Cazmos,Hmm Is It That Nice Cold Breeze Again…..Shivers,Yep Christmas Is Back On Cazmo!

Here Is The Town!

You can now through snowballs instead of turkeys!!!sweet!!!

*You Can Copy This Animation If You Give Me Credit!

~Ambassador 7 ronaldo27