A Couple More Things!

21 11 2009

Hey guys this is Jimbercane posting. As the title of the post says, it should tell you that I forgot to mention a couple of things in the previous post. So let’s begin. First of all, there is a new video added to the Cazmo Videos section in the Newspaper. The video is from Beta Omer, and it is called Meteor Shower; It’s a music video.

The next update, has to do with the Best Rated Rooms. I am not sure if I forgot this one or not, but I sure didn’t mention it in my previous post, so I will mention it in this one. The update is a contest on the Best Rated Rooms, and whoever’s house is Best Rated (In each category I think.) will win the brand the new game for the DS called Astroboy!

Next, I just want to remind you, that today is the last day Kate Earl and David Archuleta will be performing back-to-back in Planet Cazmo. They will start at 12 in the afternoon, and end at 12 midnight. They will play once every hour. Make sure you go to see them perform, because then you will get a Kate Earl And David Archuleta Back-To-Back Concert Ticket added to your CazBook! If you are a member, go to the CazRox cafe, and in the VIP Backstage Area. There, speak to either Kate or David and select the option ‘Can I Have Your Autogrpah?’ To get your free VIP Backstage Pass! If you are confused on how to get this, look at the second post below on my site for the guide; It’s really not that hard though.

planet cazmo cheats




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