New Cazmo Of The Week & A Little Thing About Submarines!

9 11 2009

Hey guys this is Jimbercane posting. Guys, the gift is back! I know you all want it, so good luck finding it. By tomorrow my trackers will make your life a bit easier when your trying to look for them though! (The trackers will be on my site.) Now lets get some other updates. Today when I was checking the Sub Shop, I noticed that one Submarine is now available for non-members! The price of it is 70 cc (70 Cazmo Cash) If you you have enough money, why not buy it if you like it? To get there, first click on the Map Icon on your chatbar.

Next, click on the location on your map called Beach.

After you click on it, a mini page will pop up showing you numerous tiles of locations in the Beach. Just click on the following tile:

Next, go to the following location in that tile:

The one Submarine that is available to non-members is called Metallic Grey. I know that is the only one, but we should look at the greatfullness of the Planet Cazmo Team. Atleast they offered something to the non-members!

Finally, there is a new Cazmo Of The Week, and his name is roromomo! Congratulations roro!

I know I posted this a bit early today, bu that was because I didn’t go to school. Many of you have the question ‘Why Didn’t You Go To School?’, so let me tell you the reason. Today there was a private meeting for teachers only; It is called PD Day. This stands for Proffesional Developement Day. I guess it was kind of private, and therefore they probably told us not to come to school.

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