Small But Still Cool Updates & Weezer Encore Concerts Update!

6 11 2009

Update: Don’t forget that Weezer’s Encore Concerts will start today at 7 in the evening, and end at 12 in midnight. They will play every hour! Make sure you come to see them, because then you will get a free Weezer Concert Ticket added to your CazBook. Plus members go to the VIP Backstage Area right now in the Cazmo Rena, and get their autograph by speaking to them!

Hey guys this is Jimbercane posting. Today when I was on Planet Cazmo, I noticed that there were some updates. Let me start off with the new Hot Deals. Well to buy some of the new Hot Deals, first click on the Newspaper icon on your chatbar, or the mini-chatbar. (The mini-chatbar is visible right when you log on to Planet Cazmo.)

Next, click on the Hot Deals section in the Newspaper, and then the new set of Hot Deals should be visible. To buy something, just hover over it first, then click on it to buy it.

Finally, today when I was on Planet Cazmo baseball1 told me about this new action that had come out, before I even checked the action key. Him doing this made me know about it firsthand, and I promised him that I would give him credit so I did; Thanks baseball! The new action is called Throw Turkey. This action allows you to throw a turkey at a certain Cazmo or location of your desire! Make sure to take off any type of vehicle or you won’t be able to use any actions! (Vehicles iclude: skateboards, spaceships, jet packs ect.)

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