Weezer Concerts Final Reminder!

31 10 2009

Hey guys this is Jimbercane posting. First of all, with respect, I would like to officially say good bye to one of my fellow Ambassadors Beta Omer. Beta Omer was a great blogger from the begining, and a great designer too; his blog shows it all. He has now quit Planet Cazmo, and decided to blog about a game called Pandanda. Whatever made him take this decision, I think there is a good reason behind it all, and I am sure he thought about it twice or thrice. Anyways, I just wanted to remind you guys that the group Weezer will be performing in Planet Cazmo today. They will start at 12 in the afternoon, and end at 12 in the night. They will play once every hour. Make sure to go and see them perform, because then you will get a free Weezer Concert Ticket added to your CazBook!


planet cazmo cheats




3 responses

31 10 2009
alex is cool you too soccer

ok and somebody had a VIP and not a member

2 11 2009

Wow, thanks for the update. Your blog is awesome, btw. You’d think if he changed games for anything, it would be for a really cool site like Webosaurs.

2 11 2009

Yep, Beta Omer is an awesome blogger. I hear he may start a Webosaurs blog too. I wish he would coz Webosaurs is great. I’m starting to spend more and more time there.

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