Friday’s Updates Are Here With Weezer!

30 10 2009

Hey guys this is Jimbercane posting. There are a few updates that came to Planet Cazmo today, so let me start off right away. The first update is a little gift box. This gift box will give you a Halloween decoration, and it can be found in any of the Cazmo Rena.

The next update has to do with the Newspaper. When I logged onto Planet Cazmo today, I noticed the Newspaper was in a Halloween theme, and the Weather was not Sunny, but Spooky!!!

There are also a bunch of pumpkins next to the New Cazmo Of The Week! (ponco)

Next, there are some spooky little eyes in the Security section of the Newspaper.

Next, there is a new video in the Souleo Videos section of the Newspaper. In the video, Souleo interviews Justin Bieber!

Now let’s move onto the new Quest! That’s right! To start this quest off, click on the Map Icon on your chatbar, and then on Space Port.

After you are in the Space Port, go ahead and speak to the leader of the Weezer’s group. Make sure to select the option ‘Sure. Anything To Help Weezer!’ Doing this, you will officially begin the quest.

Note: Any item which is not visible, is because I got it before taking the picture. The first Weezer Logo can be found in the Spinning DJ place in the Playground.

The next Weezer Logo can be found in the Downtown.

The next Weezer Logo can be found in the Amphitheater.

The next Weezer Logo can be found in the outer part of Club Cazmo.

The next Weezer Logo can be found in the CazRox Cafe.

The final Weezer Logo, can be found in the Red Palm Hut. Before going there, here is the location of it: (I put this picture first because some people don’t know where the Red Palm Hut is since the Beach is so big.)

After getting all of the items, go back and speak to the leader of the Weezer group again. In reward, he will give you a free poster of the Weezer which you could decorate your house with because it is a rare showpiece.

This is why I always say being a member is awesome. You could do the quest even anytime, but only memebers get to go to the backstage and get a free VIP Backstage Pass signed by the Weezers! To get this item, members first and formost go to the Cazmo Rena right now!

Next, go to the area where it says VIP Area, and go in.

Next, go and speak to the leader of the Weezer group, and select the option ‘Can I Have Your Autograph?’ If you select this option, you will automatically get their VIP Backstage Pass added to the Backstage Passes section in your CazBook. To view your pass, make sure you select that option first, then click on your Cazmo. This will open up his/her playercard.

Now click on the Backstage Passes section in yur CazBook, and you shoud be able to view your pass as well as the others that you colected.

Weezer will be performing today from 7-12, and tomorrow from 12 in the afternoon till 12 in the night! They will play every hour! Make sure you don’t mis them perform, because then you will get a free Weezer Concert Ticket Added to your CazBook!

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